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Sgt. Howard E. Woodford AP-191 - History

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Sgt. Woodford AP-191

Sgt. Woodford
(AP-191: dp. 6,550; 1. 455'3", b. 62', dr. 28'6", s. 15.5
k.; cl. Boulder Victory, T. VC2-S-AP-2 )

Sgt. Woodford was laid down under a Maritime Commission contract (MC hull V-286) on 18 April 1945 as Goucher Victory by Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyard, Inc., Baltimore, Md., launched on 2 June 1945; sponsored by Miss Susannah Eby of Goucher College, and delivered to the War Shipping Administration on 30 June 1945.

Converted into a troop transport that summer Goucher Victory, renamed Sgt. Woodford served the Army Transportation Corps at the close of World War II, returning American troops to the United States.

On 7 September 1949, the Army Ocean Transport Service declared the troop transport in excess of military requirements, and she was placed in the National Defense Reserve Fleet at Suisun Bay, Calif. On 1 October, Sgt. Woodford was transferred to the Military Sea Transportation Service, and was delivered on 22 July 1950 to become a USNS ship. For nearly a year and one-half, Sgt. Woodford saw continuous service in Japanese and Korean waters before being placed in the National Defense Reserve Fleet at Olympia and being struck from the Navy list on 4 December 1952.

The troop transport was sold to Tai Kien Industry Co. Ltd., on 27 March 1972 for scrapping.

Sgt. Woodford received five battle stars for service in the Korean conflict.

Staff Sergeant Howard E. Woodford

By his daring, skillful, and inspiring leadership, as well as by his gallant determination to search out and kill the enemy, S/SGT Woodford led an inexperienced Filipino guerrilla unit in capturing and securing a vital objective, and was responsible for the successful continuance of a vitally important general advance.

Topics and series. This historical marker is listed in these topic lists: Patriots & Patriotism &bull War, World II. In addition, it is included in the Medal of Honor Recipients series list.

Location. 41° 0.914′ N, 81° 36.728′ W. Marker is in Barberton, Ohio, in Summit County. Marker is at the intersection of 6th Street NW and Paige Avenue, on the right when traveling north on 6th Street NW. Memorial is at the Barberton Military Honor Roll, along the west shore of Lake Anna. Touch for map. Marker is in this post office area: Barberton OH 44203, United States of America. Touch for directions.

Other nearby markers. At least 8 other markers are within walking distance of this marker. Barberton Military Honor Roll (a few steps from this marker) The Freedom Tree (a few steps from this marker) a different marker also named The Freedom Tree (a few steps from this

marker) a different marker also named The Freedom Tree (a few steps from this marker) a different marker also named The Freedom Tree (a few steps from this marker) Glenn "Jeep" Davis (about 600 feet away, measured in a direct line) Ohio Columbus Barber (approx. 0.2 miles away) Slovenian Independent Society Home (approx. half a mile away). Touch for a list and map of all markers in Barberton.

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1. Woodford Medal of Honor Citation. (Submitted on October 28, 2011, by William Fischer, Jr. of Scranton, Pennsylvania.)
2. Photo of Howard Woodford. (Submitted on October 28, 2011, by William Fischer, Jr. of Scranton, Pennsylvania.)

Additional commentary.
1. Medal of Honor
Marker incorrectly refers to the Congressional Medal of Honor. The correct title is Medal of Honor. The Congressional Medal of Honor is awarded to civilians.

WWII Medal of Honor Recipient: Barberton Hero, BHS 1939, Howard E.Woodford.

Filipino troops fought with Americans. Sgt. Woodford took command when a Filipino company lost its commanding officers. is a news and entertainment provider with content by local writers, experts, and Community Leaders. Opinions are the writers.

The first formal reward for individual acts of gallantry was established by General George Washington on August 7, 1782. It was a purple cloth heart called the Badge of Military Merit. It was awarded to only 3 people before it was discontinued as too European. 1932, General Douglas Macarthur as Army Chief of Staff revived it as an award for wounded WWI veterans as “the Purple Heart”. In 1943, it was extended to all branches.

Early in the Civil War, the idea of a merit award was proposed to General-in-Chief of the Army, Winifred Scott who rejected it again as too European. But the Navy issued a citation for a Navy Medal of Valor and President Lincoln signed into law in December 1961. The Army followed in July 1962 and Congress changed it to the Congressional Medal of Honor for all branches in 1963 making it permanent.


  • Rank: Staff Sergeant
  • Organization: U.S. Army
  • Company: Company I Division:
  • Born: Barberton, Ohio
  • Entered Service At: Barberton, Ohio
  • Date of Issue: 02/04/1946
  • Accredited To: Place / Date: Near Tabio, Luzon, Philippine Islands, 6 June 1945

Citation of Howard Woodford:

He volunteered to investigate the delay in a scheduled attack by an attached Philippine guerrilla battalion. Reaching the line of departure, he found that the lead company, in combat for the first time, was immobilized by intense enemy mortar, machinegun, and rifle fire which had caused casualties to key personnel. Knowing that further failure to advance would endanger the flanks of adjacent units, as well as delay capture of the objective, he immediately took command of the company, evacuated the wounded, reorganized the unit under fire, and prepared to attack.

He repeatedly exposed himself to draw revealing fire from the Japanese strongpoints and then moved forward with a 5-man covering force to determine exact enemy positions. Although intense enemy machinegun fire killed 2 and wounded his other 3 men, S/Sgt. Woodford resolutely continued his patrol before returning to the company.

Then, against bitter resistance, he guided the guerrillas up a barren hill and captured the objective, personally accounting for 2 hostile machine gunners and courageously reconnoitering strong defensive positions before directing neutralizing fire. After organizing a perimeter defense for the night, he was given permission by radio to return to his battalion, but, feeling that he was needed to maintain proper control, he chose to remain with the guerrillas.

Before dawn the next morning the enemy launched a fierce suicide attack with mortars, grenades, and small-arms fire, and infiltrated through the perimeter. Though wounded by a grenade, S/Sgt. Woodford remained at his post calling for mortar support until bullets knocked out his radio. Then, seizing a rifle he began working his way around the perimeter, encouraging the men until he reached a weak spot where 2 guerrillas had been killed. Filling this gap himself, he fought off the enemy.

At daybreak, he was found dead in his foxhole, but 37 enemies dead were lying in and around his position. By his daring, skillful, and inspiring leadership, as well as by his gallant determination to search out and kill the enemy, S/Sgt. Woodford led an inexperienced unit in capturing and securing a vital objective and was responsible for the successful continuance of a vitally important general advance.

He is buried in Green Lawn Memorial Park.

History of the Battle of Luzon.

The U.S Aircraft Carriers missed the Battle of Leyte Gulf by sailing North chasing a fake Japenese Navy.

MacArthur returned to the Philippines on Oct 20, 1944, invading the Leyte Gulf on the island of Leyte. Oct.20 to Oct 23 the U.S Navy destroyed the Japanese Navy in the Battle of Leyte Gulf. The U.S Aircraft Carriers Task Force were faked by Japan into sailing North. The U.S. Navy left with smaller ships bravely defeated the larger Japenese fleet.

December 1944 on the Island of Mindoro an airport was established for the major invasion on the island of Luzon. The US invaded the Island of Luzon on Jan 1945 and the battle official lasted till July 4, 1945. The Army captured the Capital of Manila on Feb 24, 1945. But the Japenese refused to surrender, instead, it fought multiple delaying actions as it retreated into the central and northern part of the island ending resistance in June 1945. Staff Sgt. Woodford played a decisive role in the final phrase of Japenese resistance. Shortly after his death and before the Medal of Honor was awarded, the Army, recognizing his important service, named a ship after him

A ship named for Sgt. Howard E. Woodford:


June 2, 1945, launched the troop transport ship named Sargent Howard E. Woodford. It served the Army Transportation Corps at the close of WWII returning troops to the U.S. Converted into a troop transport that summer Goucher Victory, renamed Sgt. Howard E. Woodford served the Army Transportation Corps at the close of World War II until 1949. It was transferred to the Navy at the start of the Korean War in 1950 serving in continuous service until Dec 4, 1952. It was sold as scrap in 1972.

Barberton, Ohio honored Howard Woodford by naming an elementary school in his honor.

Sgt. Howard E. Woodford AP-191 - History

During the Korean War, the merchant marine brought some 75 percent of the personnel, as well as mail, food stuffs, ammunition, and a wide assortment of other supplies (around 90 percent of it) to the war zone. The merchant marine was present at the Inchon Invasion and helped save lives during the evacuation of Hungnam during the Chosin Reservoir campaign. Twenty mariners lost their lives in the line of duty during the Korean War.

This page of the Korean War Educator recognizes the role of the merchant marine during the war, and is provided to educate the public about the history of this unique group of dedicated mariners as it relates to the Korean War and beyond. The information found here has been supplied (with permission) from the U.S. Maritime Service Veterans website at and from mariners in general who wish to inform the public about their maritime experiences. Browse this page of the KWE to learn about the patriots of the Korean War whose country continues to deny them veteran status. We encourage you to return often because this new page is currently under heavy construction.

Official merchant marine hymn Words and Music by Lieut. (jg) Jack Lawrence, USMS, 1943

Heave Ho! My Lads! Heave Ho!

Give us the oil, give us the gas
Give us the shells, give us the guns.
We'll be the ones to see them thru.
Give us the tanks, give us the planes.
Give us the parts, give us a ship.
Give us a hip hoo-ray!
And we'll be on our way.

Heave Ho! My Lads, Heave Ho!
It's a long, long way to go.
It's a long, long pull with our hatches full,
Braving the wind, braving the sea,
Fighting the treacherous foe
Heave Ho! My lads, Heave Ho!
Let the sea roll high or low,
We can cross any ocean, sail any river.
Give us the goods and we'll deliver,
Damn the submarine!
We're the men of the Merchant Marine!

Page Contents:

From the US Merchant Marine Website

Korea: The First Shot (Military Sea Transportation Service in Korean War)

Authored by
Salvatore R. Mercogliano

In January of 1950, Captain Alexander F. Junker (USN) arrived in Tokyo, Japan to oversee the transfer of Army Transport Service personnel and ships to the newly established Military Sea Transportation Service (MSTS). Set to take place on July 1, Junker could not anticipate the magnitude of his assignment when six days prior to his assumption of command, forces of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea crossed the 38th parallel and invaded the Republic of Korea.

President Harry S. Truman's decision to commit U.S. forces and to expand the Mutual Defense Assistance Program to South Korea forced Junker, and his fellow MSTS commander on the West Coast, Captain William R. Thayer to divert every possible ship to the Far East to support this effort. Junker immediately ordered the coastal transport USAT Sgt. George D. Keathley and the cargo ship USNS Cardinal O'Connell from their scheduled duties to transport vital ammunition to Pusan.

While the Commander of MSTS, Rear Admiral William M. Callaghan, and his staff coordinated the efforts of his regional deputies, the immediate need was to sealift combat forces to the Korean peninsula to stem the tide of North Korean aggression. Aircraft of the Military Air Transportation Service could not lift the necessary forces and its was up to MSTS, ships of the commercial U.S. merchant marine, and those broken out of the National Defense Reserve Fleet (NDRF) to sustain the United Nation's effort in Korea.

By July 6, 1950, only 11 days after the initial invasion, MSTS was able to deploy the 24th Infantry Division from garrison duty in Japan, to the port of Pusan in South Korea. Two other divisions from Japan, the 25th Infantry and the 1st Cavalry Division were put ashore by the middle of that month. However, these forces alone proved insufficient and MSTS demonstrated its versatility and capability to the military by deploying the 2d Infantry Division from its home station in Fort Lewis, Washington to Korea, in only 29 days, from July 17 to August 19, 1950. This movement required the use of 10 MSTS troop transports and 11 cargo ships, all but one a commercially chartered ship.

The commercial merchant marine formed the backbone of the bridge of ships across the Pacific. From just 6 ships under charter when the war began, this total peaked at 255. Over 85 percent of all the cargo shipped to Korea by sea came on board U.S. commercial shipping. To initially fill the urgent shortfall in shipping, MSTS activated ships from the National Defense Reserve Fleet. Some of these ships were utilized as part of the nucleus fleet and crewed by Civil Service merchant mariners. These included 12 transports, 6 cargo ships, 5 escort carriers (outfitted as aircraft transports), and 35 tankers.

Additionally, MSTS was given the responsibility for crewing two hospital ships being deployed to Korea. While undergoing its initial sea trials, and before its full civilian crew could be embarked, the USS Benevolence (T-AH 13) was rammed and sunk by the SS Mary Luckenbach off San Francisco on August 25, 1950. Out of a crew of 505, 23 died including the prospective master of the ship, Captain William "Pineapple Bill" Murray. However, the USNS Repose (T-AH 16) did deploy with 168 civilian mariners on board and remained on station till October 28, when a naval crew replaced the merchant mariners. During their 32 days on station, the ship received and treated over 1,200 patients. In addition to the ships assigned directly to MSTS, 130 laid-up Victory ships in the NDRF were broken out by the Maritime Administration and assigned under time-charters to private shipping firms, for charter to MSTS.

Since the United Nations sanctioned the action in defense of the Republic of Korea, other nations offered troops to serve on the peninsula, but many of them lacked the capability to deploy them, and MSTS served as a conduit. In 1951, the USNS General J. H. McRae, a C-4 "General" class troop transport, that served for MSTS Atlantic, operated between the ports of New York and Bremerhaven. However with the crisis in Korea, MSTS altered its return voyage, and added several stops. From Bremerhaven, the ship called on the ports of Rotterdam, Piraeus, Djibouti, and finally Pusan where it delivered troops from the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, and Ethiopia, before returning back to New York with 2,000 veterans, and an additional 1,168 European refugees. All told the McRae sailed over 32,000 miles in 96 days.

Ships of the MSTS not only provided supplies but also served as naval auxiliaries. When the U.S. X Corps went ashore at Inchon in September 1950, 13 USNS cargo ships, 26 chartered American, and 34 Japanese-manned merchant ships, under the operational control of MSTS, participated in the invasion.

A few months later, merchant shipping again provided yeoman service by evacuating the same troops from the ports of Hungnam and Wonsan, following the intervention of the People's Republic of China into the conflict. In an operation reminiscent of Dunkirk, 193 ship loads rescued 105,000 U.N. troops 91,000 refugees 350,000 MT of cargo and 17,500 vehicles from encirclement and delivered them to the port of Pusan. One ship in particular, the SS Meredith Victory under the command of Leonard P. La Rue, activated from the NDRF, operated by Moore-McCormick Lines, and licensed to carry 12 passengers, transported over 14,000 refugees in one single voyage. First mate D. S. Savastio, with nothing but first aid training, delivered five babies during the three-day passage to Pusan. Ten years later, the Maritime Administration honored the crew by awarding them a Gallant Ship Award.

The effects of the Korean War remain with the Military Sealift Command. Realizing the limitations of the World War II Maritime Commission-built fleet of merchant ships, Admiral Edward L. Cochrane initiated a program to foster ship construction in the U.S. and oversaw the design and building of 35 Mariner-class freighters. One of these ships, the ex-SS Empire State Mariner, is still in operation as the USNS Observation Island.

To alleviate fears within the commercial industry that MSTS did not intend to federalize the merchant marine, the Wilson-Weeks Act of July 1, 1954 limited the size of the nucleus fleet and established the priority by which shipping, particularly those in the NDRF and foreign-flags, could be obtained. Finally, the Cargo Preference Act of 1954 required that at least 50 percent of all government-owned or financed cargo be moved aboard commercially owned U.S. flag ships.

Military Sea Transportation Service's first test of fire, coming only nine months after its initial activation vindicated the concept of a unified sealift service under the Department of Defense. In three years, MSTS transported more than 54 million measurement tons of cargo, nearly 5 million troops and passengers, and over 22 million long tons of petroleum. While these figures are impressive, the ships of the U.S. merchant marine and the MSTS continued to ply all the world's oceans. To Europe sailed cargo for the Marshall Plan, the Economic Cooperation Administration (ECA), and four U.S. divisions to partake in the new North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Into the Arctic and Antarctic, ships carried cargo to construct bases at Little America, Thule, and the Distant Early Warning Line. In 1951 MSTS began its involvement in the southeast Asian nation of Vietnam by delivering war material for French forces. The Korean War proved to be only one of many challenges that faced MSTS and the American merchant marine.

Inchon Invasion Military Sea Transportation Service and Merchant Ships Participating in Inchon, Korea Invasion

  • African Pilot
  • African Rainbow
  • Aiken Victory (USNS)
  • Beaver Victory
  • California Bear
  • Empire Marshall
  • Fred C. Ainsworth (USNS)
  • General Leroy Eltinge (USNS)
  • Helen Lykes
  • Lawrence Victory
  • Meredith Victory
  • Mormacport
  • Private Sadao S. Munemori (USNS)
  • Robin Goodfellow
  • Robin Kirk
  • Southwind
  • American Attorney
  • American Veteran
  • Belgium Victory
  • Bessemer Victory
  • Charles Lykes
  • Cotton State
  • Dolly Turman
  • Empire Wallace
  • General William Weigel (USNS)
  • Greenbay Victory
  • Luxembourg Victory
  • Marine Phoenix (USNS)
  • P. & T. Navigator
  • Robin Trent
  • Twin Falls Victory

Hungnam Evacuation

  • Alamo Victory
  • Argonan (Canadian registry)
  • Bedford Victory
  • Belgium Victory
  • Bet Jeanne (Norwegian registry)
  • Bet Ocean (Norwegian registry)
  • California
  • Canada Mail
  • Carleton Victory
  • Choctaw
  • Citrus Packer
  • Clarksburg Victory
  • Cornell Victory
  • Del Alba
  • Denise
  • Elly
  • Empire Marshall (British registry)
  • Empire Wallace (British registry)
  • Enid Victory
  • Exmouth Victory
  • Fred C. Ainsworth (USNS)
  • Gainesville Victory
  • General A. W. Brewster (USNS)
  • General D. I. Sultan (USNS)
  • General E. T. Collins (USNS)
  • General H. B. Freeman (USNS)
  • General S. Heintzelman (USNS)
  • Green Valley
  • Groton Trails
  • Helen Lykes
  • Hunter Victory
  • John Hanson
  • John Lyras (British registry)
  • Kelso Victory
  • Kenyon Victory
  • Lafayette Victory
  • Lane Victory
  • Letitia Lvkes
  • Madaket
  • Manderson Victory
  • Meredith Victory
  • Morgantown Victory
  • Mormacmoon
  • Nathaniel Palmer
  • New Zealand Victory
  • Norcuba
  • Paducah Victory
  • Provo Victory
  • Rider Victory
  • Robin Gray
  • Robin Hood
  • Robin Kirk
  • Sea Splendor
  • Sea Wind
  • Sergeant Andrew Miller (USNS)
  • Southwind
  • St. Augustine Victory
  • Taineron
  • Towanda Victory
  • Twin Falls Victory
  • Union Victory
  • Virginia City Victory
  • Wacosta
  • Wesleyan Victory

Facts & Statistics

Korean War Merchant Marine Casualties

The above casualties are listed as died of "Non-hostile Death" in Korea by the American Battle Monuments Commission. An asterisk by the name of a deceased mariner indicates that biographical information of some kind is posted about him on this page of the Korean War Educator. To add detailed information and pictures on the KWE about any of the casualties listed above contact [email protected] Another more complete list of merchant marines who were Korean War casualties can be found on the Topics - Casualties page of the Korean War Educator.

Merchant/MSTS Ships in the Korean War

President Truman Praises Merchant Marine

A "WELL DONE" has been signaled by President Truman to the American merchant marine for its outstanding support of the United Nations forces in Korea, while at the same time continuing to perform its normal task of moving the nation's commerce, Hugh Gallagher, National President of the Propeller Club of the United States, disclosed.

Mr. Gallagher said the President, in a letter saluting the club's silver jubilee convention and the eighteenth annual merchant marine Conference, asserted that all segments of maritime labor and management could well be proud of the accomplishments of the nation's merchant fleet, both in its defense and normal pursuits.

President Truman declared that the American merchant marine has played an important role in the maintenance of the American way of life and also in bulwarking the anti-Communist defenses of freedom-loving nations everywhere. He pointed out that support for the Allied forces in Korea had not interfered with the movement of mountains of foreign aid goods to friendly nations in other parts of the world, nor with the merchant fleet's year-round task of transporting the export products of our farms and industries.

In his letter to Mr. Gallagher the President termed this year's theme, which was "The American merchant marine --- indispensable to our freedom," particularly fitting in view of pressures being exerted against our freedom. He also expressed hope that the conference would deal with ways whereby we can preserve this freedom. - MAST Magazine, November, 1951

Merchant Ships

The following list from the "Navy and Marine Corps Awards Manual", U.S. Navy 1956, includes merchant ships which were in the war zone during the Korean War. Presence in the war zone during specified dates entitled mariners to the Korean Service Medal and the United Nations Service Medal. Ships not listed in the above book were added to the list by visitors to the US merchant marine website. An asterisk denotes a foreign-flag ship. Ships marked with double asterisk were Korean flag and crew but with American Captain, Chief Engineer, and Radio Officer who were on board these vessels instructing the Koreans when the war started.

Three asterisks: In 1949, prior to the start of the Korean War, Captain Al Meschter and Chief Engineer Albert C. Willis were assigned to the SS Kimball R. Smith to train the Korean crew. This was one of the five "Baltic Coaster" class ships loaned to South Korea by the U.S. government. While Meschter and Willis were on the ship, the Korean crew mutinied and took the ship to a North Korean port where Meschter and Willis were interned for eighty-one days before being released to Ambassador Muccio at the 38th Parallel. SS Kimball R. Smith was then used by North Koreans during the War.

Ships - Merchant

To add detailed information and pictures on the KWE about any of the ships listed below, contact [email protected]

  • Acorn Knot
  • Adelphia Victory
  • Admiral Dewey
  • Adrian Victory
  • Afoundria
  • African Glade
  • African Grooe
  • African Moon
  • African Patriot
  • African Pilgrim
  • African Pilot
  • African Rainbow
  • African Star
  • Aiken Victory
  • Alamo Victory
  • Alaskan
  • Albion Victory
  • Alfred Victory
  • Allegheny Victory
  • Alma Victory
  • Amarillo Victory
  • American
  • American Attorney
  • American Eagle
  • American Press
  • American Veteran
  • American Victory
  • Amerocean
  • Amersea
  • Amos G. Throop
  • Ampac Idaho
  • Ampac Nevada
  • Ampac Oregon
  • Anacostia
  • Angus Glenn*
  • Angus McDonald
  • Anne Butler
  • Annie C.
  • Annioc
  • Anniston Victory
  • Apollo
  • Arcadia Victory
  • Argovan*
  • Arizpa
  • Asbury Victory
  • Atlantic Water
  • Atlanticus
  • Audrey II
  • Augustine Daly
  • B. T. Irvine
  • Badger Mariner
  • Barbara Fritchie
  • Barbara Lykes
  • Barenfels*
  • Barnard Victory
  • Barney Krishbaum
  • Bartlesville Victory
  • Baton Rouge Victory
  • Baylor Victory
  • Beatrice Victory
  • Beauregard
  • Beaver Victory
  • Bedford Victory
  • Belgium Victory
  • Belocean*
  • Beloit Victory
  • Benjamin Hawkins
  • Berea Victory
  • Bessemer Victory
  • Binghampton Victory
  • Black Eagle
  • Bloomington Victory
  • Blue Cross State
  • Blue Field Victory
  • Blue Island Victory
  • Blue Star
  • Booker T. Washington
  • Boulder Victory
  • Bowdoin Victory
  • Boy
  • Brainerd Victory
  • Brazil Victory
  • Brigham Victory
  • Bright Star
  • Britain Victory
  • Buckeye Mariner
  • Bucknell Victory
  • Bucyrus Victory
  • Burbank Victory
  • Burco Trader
  • C.C.N.Y. Victory
  • Cache
  • Cahaba
  • California
  • California Bear
  • Californian
  • Canada Mail
  • Caney
  • Canton Victory
  • Cape Comfort
  • Cape Elizabeth
  • Cape Saunders
  • Capt. N. B. Palmer
  • Carlton Victory
  • Carroll Victory
  • Catawba Victory
  • Catherine Goulandris
  • Cecil N. Bean
  • Cedar Creek
  • Central Victory
  • Chain Trader
  • Charles Lykes
  • Charles M. Conrad
  • Charles McNary
  • Charles Winsor**
  • Chepacket
  • China Victory
  • Choctau
  • Christain
  • Christine
  • Christos M.
  • Citrus Packer
  • City of Alma
  • Clarksburg Victory
  • Clarksville Victory
  • Clearwater Victory
  • Clove Hitch
  • Clovis Victory
  • Coastal Sentry
  • Codington
  • Coe Victory
  • Coeur d'Alene Victory
  • Cohocton
  • Columbia Trader
  • Compass
  • Constitution State
  • Cooper Union Victory
  • Coral Sea
  • Cornell Victory
  • Cornhusker Mariner
  • Cossatot
  • Cotton Mariner
  • Cotton State
  • Council Bluffs Victory
  • Cowanesque
  • Creighton Victory
  • Cuba Victory
  • David B. Johnson
  • David W. Field
  • De Pauw Victory
  • Del Aires
  • Del Alba
  • Denise
  • Diamond Mariner
  • Digby County
  • Ditto
  • Dolly Turman
  • Dorothy Stevenson
  • Drury Victory
  • Dudley Thomas
  • Duke Victory
  • Durango Victory
  • Earlham Victory
  • East Point Victory
  • Edison Mariner
  • Edwin Markhan
  • Eileen
  • Elby
  • Elko Victory
  • Elly
  • Elmira Victory
  • Empire Marshall*
  • Empire State Mariner
  • Empire Viceroy
  • Empire Wallace*
  • Enid Victory
  • Escambia
  • Escanaba Victory
  • Ethiopia Victory
  • Eugenie
  • Exmouth
  • Fairhope
  • Federal Voyager
  • Ferdinand Westfall
  • Flora C.
  • Frederic C. Collins
  • Frederick Brouchard
  • Frederick Collin
  • Frederick E. Williamson
  • Free State Mariner
  • Fribourg Trader
  • Frontenac Victory
  • Furman Victory
  • Gainsville Victory
  • Gen. George Patton
  • George A. Lawson
  • George Culuaunds
  • George Eastman
  • George F. Duval
  • Golden City
  • Golden Mariner
  • Great Falls Victory
  • Greece Victory
  • Greeley Victory
  • Green Bay Victory
  • Green Harbor
  • Green Star
  • Green Valley
  • Gretna Victory
  • Grinnell Victory
  • Groton Trails
  • Gulf Water
  • Halalua Victory
  • Hamilton Victory
  • Hannibal Victory
  • Harold Andrews
  • Harold D. Whitehead
  • Harold L. Winslow
  • Harpoon
  • Harvard Victory
  • Hattiesburg Victory
  • Hawaii Bear
  • Hawaiian
  • Hawkeye Mariner
  • Helen Lykes
  • Helen Stevenson
  • Hendry D. Lindsley
  • Heywood Brown
  • Hibbing Victory
  • High Point Victory
  • Hobart Victory
  • Holy Star
  • Honda Knot
  • Hongkong Transport
  • Hoosier Mariner
  • Hoosier State
  • Hope Victory
  • Hunter Victory
  • Hurricane
  • Ike (former Sea Daring)
  • Iran Victory
  • Irene Star
  • Isaac Van Zandt
  • Israel Putnam
  • James B. Weaver
  • James H. Couper
  • James H. Price
  • James McHenry
  • Jefferson City Victory
  • Jelandside
  • Jericho Victory
  • John B. Whidden**
  • John Ball
  • John C.
  • John H. B. Lathrobe
  • John H. Marion
  • John Hanson
  • John Howland
  • John Kulkundis
  • John L. Sullivan
  • John Lyras
  • John Paul Jones
  • John T. McMillan
  • John W. McKay
  • John W. Powell
  • Joliet Victory
  • Joplin Victory
  • Jose Marti
  • Joseph Feuer
  • Joseph Lee
  • Joseph Priestly
  • Josuah Slocum
  • Jumper Hitch
  • Katharine B. Sherwood
  • Kelso Victory
  • Kenneth Stevenson
  • Kenyon Victory
  • Kern
  • Keystone Mariner
  • Kimball R. Smith***
  • Knox Victory
  • Lafayette
  • Lafayette Victory
  • Lahaina Victory
  • Lake Minnewanka
  • Lake Pennask
  • Lakeland Victory
  • Lakeside*
  • Lakewood Victory
  • Lane Victory
  • Laredo Victory
  • Lawrence Victory
  • Letitia Lykes
  • Lewis H. Emory Jr.
  • Liberty Bell
  • Liberty Flag
  • Lilica
  • Linfield Victory
  • Lipari
  • Loma Victory
  • Lone Star Mariner
  • Longview Victory
  • Loyola Victory
  • Lucille Bloomfield
  • Lumber Carrier
  • Lumberman*
  • Luxembourg Victory
  • Lynn Victory
  • M. E. Comerford
  • Macalester Victory
  • Madaket
  • Malden Victory
  • Manderson Victory
  • Mankato Victory
  • Marine Snapper
  • Mariner
  • Marquette Victory
  • Marshfield Victory
  • Martin Behrman
  • Marven
  • Mary Adams
  • Mary J. Goulandris
  • Mascoma
  • Massillon Victory
  • Mayfield Victory
  • Meredith Victory
  • Meridian Victory
  • Michael J. Goulandris
  • Michael Moran
  • Millicoma
  • Minot Victory
  • Mission Buenaventura
  • Mission Capistrano
  • Mission Carmel
  • Mission De Pala
  • Mission Dolores
  • Mission Loreto
  • Mission Los Angeles
  • Mission Purisima
  • Mission San Antonio
  • Mission San Carlos
  • Mission San Diego
  • Mission San Fernando
  • Mission San Francisco
  • Mission San Gabriel
  • Mission San Jose
  • Mission San Juan
  • Mission San Luis Obispo
  • Mission San Miguel
  • Mission San Rafael
  • Mission Santa Ana
  • Mission Santa Barbara
  • Mission Santa Cruz
  • Mission Solano
  • Mission Soledad
  • Mohawk
  • Mohican
  • Monroe Victory
  • Morgantown Victory
  • Mormacdale
  • Mormacelm
  • Mormacmar
  • Mormacmoon
  • Mormacpine
  • Mormacport
  • Mormacrio
  • Mormacson
  • Mormacspruce
  • Mormactide
  • Mormacwave
  • Morning Light
  • Mother M. L.
  • Mountain Mariner
  • Muhlenberg Victory
  • Muir Woods
  • Nashua Victory
  • Nat Brown **
  • Nathaniel Crosley
  • Navajo Victory
  • Neptunes
  • Nevadan
  • New Rochelle Victory
  • New World Victory
  • New Zealand Victory
  • Newaden
  • Newcastle Victory
  • Niantic Victory
  • Nicholas C. H.
  • Nigel
  • Noon Day
  • Norcuba
  • North Heaven
  • North Light
  • North Pilot (former Westchester)
  • North Platte Victory
  • North Sky
  • Northport
  • Norwalk Victory
  • Norwich Victory
  • Nutmeg Mariner
  • Oberlin Victory
  • Ocala Victory
  • Occidental Victory
  • Ocean Betty
  • Ocean Lotte
  • Ocean Navigator
  • Ocean Seaman
  • Ocean Skipper
  • Ocean Star
  • Ocean Victory
  • Ocean Villa
  • Oceanic
  • Ocklawaha
  • Old Colony Mariner
  • Old Dominion Mariner
  • Old Dominion State
  • Olympic Pioneer
  • Omega
  • Ontonagon
  • Oregon Trader
  • Oregonian
  • Oshkosh Victory
  • P & T Explorer
  • P & T Navigator
  • P & T Pathfinder
  • Pacific Victory
  • Paducah Victory
  • Palmetto Mariner
  • Pamanset
  • Pan American Victory
  • Park Benjamin
  • Pecos
  • Pegor
  • Pelegia (former Sea World)
  • Pelican Mariner
  • Petaluma
  • Peter Del II*
  • Pierre Victory
  • Pine Tree Mariner
  • Pioneer Dale
  • Pioneer Valley
  • Piscataqua
  • Plymouth Victory
  • Portland Trader
  • Prairie Mariner
  • President Harrison
  • Princeton Victory
  • Provo Victory
  • Purdue Victory
  • Purple Star
  • Queens Victory
  • Ragnor Naess (former Sea Pender)
  • Red Oak Victory
  • Reef Knot
  • Rheinholt (Norwegian flag)
  • Rice Victory
  • Richard H. Davis
  • Rider Victory
  • Rincon
  • Robert B. Forbes
  • Robert G. Ingersoll
  • Robin Goodfellow
  • Robin Gray
  • Robin Hood
  • Robin Kirk
  • Robin Mowbray
  • Robin Trent
  • Rock Springs Victory
  • Rose Knot
  • Rutgers Victory
  • Sailor's Splice
  • San Mateo Victory
  • Santa Clara Victory
  • Santa Venetia
  • Sappa Creek
  • Sapulpa Victory
  • Saugatuck
  • Saxon
  • Schuyler
  • Schuyler Otis Bland
  • Schuylkill
  • Sea Bon
  • Sea Champion
  • Sea Cliff
  • Sea Comet II
  • Sea Coral
  • Sea Coronet
  • Sea Daring
  • Sea Faith
  • Sea Fort
  • Sea Garden
  • Sea Gate
  • Sea Glamor
  • Sea Glider
  • Sea Globe
  • Sea Herald
  • Sea Leader
  • Sea Legend
  • Sea Life
  • Sea Manor
  • Sea Merchant
  • Sea Merit (former Simon Benson)
  • Sea Monitor
  • Sea Mystery
  • Sea Pender
  • Sea Ranger
  • Sea Splendor
  • Sea Star
  • Sea Victory
  • Sea Wind
  • Sea World
  • Seaborne
  • Sebec
  • Selma Victory
  • Seton Hall Victory
  • Sharon Victory
  • Shawnee Trail
  • Shinecock Bay
  • Simmons Victory
  • Sioux Falls Victory
  • Soubarissen
  • South Bend Victory
  • Southwestern Victory
  • St. Augustine Victory
  • Stathes Yamaglias*
  • Stock Star
  • Suamico
  • Sue Lykes
  • Sunion
  • Susquehanna
  • Swarthmore Victory
  • Sword Knot
  • Tabitha Brown
  • Taddei
  • Tainaron
  • Tallulah
  • Tamalpais
  • Tar Heel Mariner
  • Texan
  • Thunderbird
  • Timber Hitch
  • Tomahawk
  • Towanda Victory
  • Transamerican
  • Transatlantic
  • Transoceanic
  • Transpacific
  • Transunion
  • Trinity Victory
  • Trojan Trader
  • Tucson Victory
  • Tulane Victory
  • Tuskegee Victory
  • Twin Falls Victory
  • Union Victory
  • USO Victory
  • Valdosta Victory
  • Vanderbilt Victory
  • Vercharmain*
  • Virginia City Victory
  • Volunteer Mariner
  • Wabash
  • Wake Forest Victory
  • Walcosta
  • Walter F. Perry
  • Waltham Victory
  • Walton*
  • Warrior
  • Warwick Victory
  • Wellesley Victory
  • Wesleyan Victory
  • West Linn Victory
  • Westchester
  • Western Ocean
  • Western Rancher
  • Western Trader
  • Westport
  • William Carruth
  • William Clagatate
  • William Coddington
  • William Eaton
  • William F. Lester**
  • William McLean
  • William Wilmer
  • Wolverine Mariner
  • Woodstock Victory
  • Xavier Victory
  • Yankee Pioneer
  • Yugoslavia Victory

Ships - MSTS (Military Sea Transport Service)

The following ships were eligible for the Korean Service Medal and United Nations Service Medal and for Engagement Stars. Data from: U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Awards Manual, Washington, DC: Department of the Navy, 1953, 1956, 1957 *The Sea War in Korea, Malcolm W. Cagle and Frank A Manson, Annapolis, Maryland: United States Naval Institute, 1957**Dictionary of American Fighting Ships: To add detailed information and pictures on the KWE about any of the ships listed below, contact [email protected]

  • Aiken Victory (TAP 188)
  • Archer P. Gammon (TAK 243)
  • Barrett (TAP 166)
  • Canton Victory
  • Cardinal O'Connell (TAKV 7)
  • Dalton Victory (TAR 216)
  • David C. Shanks (TAP 180)
  • Fred C. Ainsworth (TAP 181)
  • Frederick Funston (TAP 178)
  • General A. E. Anderson (TAP-111)**
  • General A. W. Brewster (TAP 155)
  • General A. W. Greeley (TAP 141)
  • General B. B. Aultman (TAP 156)
  • General B. M. Blatchford (TAP 153)
  • General C. C. Ballou (TAP 157)
  • General C. G. Morton (TAP 138)
  • General C. H. Muir (TAP 142)
  • General Daniel I. Sultan (TAP 120)
  • General E. T. Collins (TAP 147)
  • General Edwin D. Patrick (TAP 124)
  • General George M. Randall (TAP-115)**
  • General H. B. Freeman (TAP 143)
  • General Hugh J. Gaffey (TAP 121)
  • General H. W. Butner (TAP-113)**
  • General J. C. Breckinridge (TAP-176)**
  • General J. H. McRae (TAP 149)
  • General John Pope (TAP 110)
  • General Leroy Eltinge (TAP 154)
  • General M. C. Meigs (TAP 116)
  • General Mason M. Patrick (TAP 150)
  • General M. B. Stewart (TAP 140)
  • General M. L. Hersey (TAP 148)**
  • General N. M. Walker (TAP 125)
  • General R. L. Howze (TAP 134)
  • General S. B. Sturgis (TAP 137)
  • General Simon B. Buckner (TAP 123)
  • General Stuart Heintzelman (TAP 159)
  • General W. A. Mann (TAP 112)**
  • General W. C. Langfitt (TAP 151)
  • General W. F. Hase (TAP 146)
  • General W. H. Gordon (TAP 117)
  • General W. M. Black (TAP 135)
  • General W. O. Darby (TAP 127)
  • General William Mitchell (TAP 114)**
  • General William Weigel (TAP 119)
  • Hennepin (TAK 187)
  • James O'Hara (TAP 179)
  • Lt. George W. G. Boyce (TAK 251)
  • Lt. Raymond O. Beaudoin (TAP 189)
  • Marias (TAO 57)Marine Adder (TAP 193)
  • Marine Carp (TAP 199)
  • Marine Lynx (TAP 194)
  • Marine Phoenix (TAP 195)
  • Marine Serpent (TAP 202)
  • Mission Los Angeles (TAO 117)
  • Mission Purisima (TAO 118)
  • Mission Santa Barbara (TAO 131)
  • Mission Santa Clara (TAO 132)
  • Mission Santa Ynez (TAO 134)
  • Mission Solano (TAO 135)
  • Mission Soledad (TAO 136)
  • Nelson M. Walker (TAP 125)
  • Petaluma (TAOG 79)
  • Piscataqua (TAOG 80)
  • Private P. Martinez (TAP 187)
  • Private Sadao S. Munemore (TAP 190)
  • Sgt. Andrew Miller*
  • Sgt Jack J. Pendleton (TAKV 5)
  • Sgt. Howard E. Woodford (TAP 191)
  • Sgt. G. D. Keathley (T-APC 117)
  • Sgt. Joseph E. Muller (T-APC 118)
  • Sgt. Sylvester Antolak (TAP 192)
  • Sgt. Truman Kimbro (TAK 254)

Memoirs of Korean War Merchant Mariners

Merchant Marine Service Organizations

American Merchant Marine Veterans Organization

About the Organization
Directory of Regions & Chapters

AMMV NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS - Cape Coral, Florida - P.O. Box 151205, Cape Coral, FL 33915-1205 Contact: Ammv

CENTRAL REGION, Regional Vice President, J.B. Burt Young (402) 488-1576

COLORADO - Denver, Colorado Clarke Valles 7865 East Mississippi Ave #1008 Denver, CO 80231, 303-377-5716. We meet 10:00 a.m., the 2nd Wednesday of the lst month of every quarter (July, Oct, Jan, Mar) at The American Legion Dept. of Colorado, 7465 E. lst Ave., Ste D, Denver, CO (Lowry AFB).

HEART OF AMERICA - Kansas City, Missouri. 7216 E. 112th St. Kansas City MO, 64134-3306. Contact: Ray Ebeling (913) 906-9019 or Paul Lamp (816) 436-3309 or Eugene Barner (913) 441-6216. Meets monthly on the 2nd Friday at 11:00 AM at the Dwight Cowles American Legion Post, 7500 W 75th Street, Overland Park, KS.

MO VALLEY MARINERS - Lincoln, Nebraska 1911 Greenbriar Lane, Lincoln, NE 68506-1673. Contact: Paul J. Coyle (402) 489-6727 or Burt Young (402) 488-1576, e-mail, or J.W. Jack Wolff (402) 397-7921. Meets monthly on the 2nd Tuesday at Old Country Buffet, 701 Galvin Road, Bellevue, NE at 11:00 AM to 12 Noon. Luncheon meeting.

VIKING MARINERS - Minneapolis, Minnesota 3449 Valento Circle, Vadnais Heights, MN 55127-7170. Contact: Milford Tobin, e-mail, (651) 489-6454. Meets monthly on the 2nd Monday, 10:00 AM at the American Legion Post 435, 65th and Portland South, Richfield.

DIXIE REGION, Regional Vice President, Jules Burg (228) 388-6512

MISSISSIPPI GULF COAST - Biloxi, Mississippi c/o Jules Burg, 2562 Bryn Mawr Ave, Biloxi, MS 39531-4707. Contact: Jules Burg (228) 388-6512 or 'Dub' Bourgeois (228) 864-7936. E-mail contact Capt. J. W. Clark, e-mail. Meets monthly on the 3rd Tuesday at 11:00 AM at the Biloxi Beachfront Hotel (formerly Holiday Inn,) Dauphin Room, 2400 Beach Blvd., Biloxi. Lunch optional.

MID SOUTH - Hendersonville, Tennessee - 1220 Orchard Mountain Court, Antioch, TN 37013. Contact: Vincent Patterson (615) 264-7038 or Samuel H. Pearsall (615) 883-4545. Meets monthly 3rd Saturday, 2:00 PM various locations. Call for details.

TRI-STATE - Chattanooga, Tennessee - c/o 721 Pan Gap Road, Chattanooga, TN 37419-1211. Contact: George Adkison (423) 892-6439 or Dr. David Stevens (423) 396-2985 or James Stancil (423) 825-0629. Meets on the 2nd Saturday at 6:00 PM every odd month beginning with January, March, May, July, September, and November at Wally's Restaurant, 1758 Ringgold Road, East Ridge, TN. They also meet on the 2nd Saturday at 2:00 PM at the Lookout Valley Lions Club, 9 Aster Avenue, Chattanooga, in February, April, June, August, October, and December.

VULCAN MARINERS - Birmingham, Alabama - 200 South 88th St., Birmingham, AL 35206 . Contact: David Luck - 205-854-3322 or Bruce Mealins - 205-823-4680. Meets on the 2nd Thursday at 11:00 A.M. at the Golden Corral Family Steak House, 101 Cahaba Valley Parkway E, Pelham.

GREAT LAKES REGION, Regional Vice President, Frank Dorner (773) 376-3747

MIDWEST - Chicago, Illinois - 2437 West 46th Place, Chicago, IL 60632-1313. Contact: Frank Nicosia, 708-484-5588. Meets on the 1st Saturday of January, March, May, June, September, and November at 10:30 AM for coffee - 11:00 AM meeting - 12 Noon lunch (FREE) at the American Legion Post No. 854, 9701 South Kedzie Avenue, Evergreen Park.

OKI-TRI-STATE REGION, Regional Vice President C.E. 'Bert' Hinds (513) 874-5606

BUCKEYE MARINERS - Norwalk, Ohio - 6A Deer Track Trail, Norwalk, OH 44857. Contact: John Digrundo (440) 988-5201 or George R. Sandiford (440) 988-2529. Meets monthly on the 3rd Monday at 8:30 AM at the Farmer Boy Restaurant, Rt. 113, South Amherst. Breakfast optional. POB 213, Ashtabula, OH 44005-0213. Contact: Dick Collins (440) 428-4511. Meets monthly on the 2nd Thursday at 12 Noon sharp for Lunch at the American Legion Hall, Carpenter Road, Ashtabula. Meeting at 1300 hrs.

OHIO VALLEY - Cincinnati, Ohio - P.O. Box 62563 Attn. Bert Hinds, Cincinnati, OH 45626-2563. Contact: Bert Hinds (513) 874-5606. e-mail. Meets bi-monthly on the second Wednesday of the month at Ryan's Steak House, adjacent to the East Gate Shopping Center.

GULF REGION, Regional Vice President, Bill Hessi 314-631-7126

EASTERN OKLAHOMA - Tulsa, OK - c/o Karl Kinney. 406 E. 76th St. N., Sperry, OK 74073-3937. Contact: Karl Kinney or Helen Kinney (918) 425-1937

LONE STAR - Houston, Texas - P.O. Box 34513, Houston, TX 77234-4513. Contact: R.R. Richard (713) 944-3311 or Capt. Jim Titus (281) 337-3131. Meets monthly on the 2nd Tuesday at 10:30 AM, Seaman's Club, Port of Houston.

OKLAHOMA MARINER - Oklahoma City 2766 County Street 2960 Alex, OK 73002-2226. Contact: Don Hay (402) 224-6365. Meets monthly on the 2nd Saturday at the VA Hospital, 921 NE 13th Street, Oklahoma City.

SS SAMUEL PARKER - St. Louis, Missouri - P.O. Box 20107, St. Louis, MO 63123-0307. Contact: George Ward (636) 282-0071 or Bill Hessi (314) 631-7126, e-mail, or SIU Hall (314) 752-6500. Meets monthly on the 4th Monday at 10:00 AM at SIU Hall, 4581 Gravois Avenue, St. Louis.

SS STEPHEN HOPKINS - DeSoto, Texas 605 Laguna Drive, Richardson TX 75080-6929. Contact: Bill Bentley (972) 223-0421, e-mail, or John McSpadden (817) 281-0770. Meets monthly on the 4th Saturday at 10:30AM (except July and Dec.) at the American Legion Post 379, 1245 N. Industrial Blvd., Bedford.

MID-ATLANTIC REGION, Regional Vice President, George Goldman (201) 692-9031

DENNIS A. ROLAND - New Jersey - P.O. Box 306, Midland Park, NJ 07432-0306. North Branch Contact: Al Forster (201) 487-1319 or George Goldman (201) 692-9031. North Branch meets the 2nd Saturday at 10:00AM at Seamen's Church Institute, 118 Export Street, Port Newark, NJ. This is a luncheon meeting. South Branch Contact: Lew Truhan (609) 931-6975. South Branch meets monthly on the 3rd Saturday at 10:00 AM at Gloucester Municipal Complex, 1261 Chews Landing Road, Laurel Springs, NJ. Luncheon meeting. East Branch Contact: Bert Christensen (732) 269-9451, e-mail. East Branch meets monthly on the third Wednesday of each month, at 1100 AM, at Brick Township Recreation Center on Chambersbridge Road, Brick Tsp. This will be our NEW meeting place. All mm Vets are invited to attend. Coffee, cake, and good fellowship.

NORTHEAST REGION, Regional Vice President Gloria Flora Nicolich (718) 853-4419.

BROOKLYN - New York - 258 Senator Street, Brooklyn, NY 11220. Contact: Louis O. Hale - (718) 246-5309 or A.J. LaTorres - (718) 833-8027. Meets monthly on the 1st Friday at 12 Noon. Call for location.

DOWN EAST - Dennysville, Maine - P.O. Box 35, East Vassalboro, ME 04935-0035. Contact: C. Blodgett (207) 326-4512 or Lawrence Bartlett (207) 923-3007. Meets monthly on the 3rd Tuesday at 12 Noon at the White Birches Restaurant, Route 1, Ellsworth.

EDWIN J. OHARA - New York, New York - 241 Water Street, New York, NY 10038-2016. Contact: Arnold Johnston - (212) 489-9748 or Gloria Nicolich, e-mail - (718) 853-4419. Meets monthly on the LAST Saturday at 1:00 PM at the Seamen's Church Institute, 241 Water Street, New York City. Welcome to Edwin J. O'Hara ChapterGENE DELONG HUDSON VALLEY - P.O. Box 525, Baldwin Place, NY 10505. Contact: Wally , President (518) 371-9162, e-mail Ed Bamberger, 1st VP (845) 292-6208, or Jack Hill, 2nd VP (845) 638-0135, Ted Donaher, Editor, The HeavingLine. Meets monthly on the 4th Tuesday at 11:00 AM at Youngest Brother Restaurant, Route 9 W., Newburgh. Luncheon meeting.

KINGS POINT - Kings Point, New York - American Merchant Marine Museum, Kings Point, NY 11024. Contact: Charles Renick (516) 466-9669 or Richard Mallet (516) 754-2698, e-mail. Please call for information.

NEW ENGLAND - Wareham, Massachusetts - 74 Pinehurst Road, Marshfield, MA 02050. Contact: Larry Brooks (508) 295-8257 or Jack Goodhue (508) 993-7797 e-mail. Meets monthly on the 1st Sunday at 1:00 PM at. the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Harrington Building, Buzzards Bay. Satellite Luncheon: Monthly on the 2nd Monday at 11:30 AM, Holiday Inn, Traffic Circle, Portsmouth, NH. New England Chapter AMMV

NORTH ATLANTIC - Bay Shore, New York - 23 Hollywood Ave., Massapequa, NY 11758-6753. Contact: Hank Cap (516) 589-0733, e-mail. Meets monthly on the 4th Friday at 1:00 PM at Bay Shore Brightwaters Library, Main Street and Windsor Avenue, Bay Shore.

OSWEGO RIVER VALLEY - Fulton, New York - 2948 State Route 3, Fulton, NY 13069-4881. Contact: Keith Baker (315) 592-5608 Meets monthly on the 4th Tuesday . Call for time and location.

PECONIC BAY - Greenport, New York - PO Box 139, Wading River, NY 11792-0139. Contact: Ed Kruszeski (631) 477-0731 or Peter Kenny (631) 749-1373. Meets monthly on the 2nd Saturday at 11:00 AM at the Crystal Garden Restaurant, King Kullen Plaza, Riverhead.

ROBERT BEDELL - Lancaster, New York - P.O. Box 491 - Lancaster, NY 14086-0491. Contact: Robert Lowman (716) 675-7588. Meets monthly on the 1st Thursday at 1:30 PM at the Polish Falcons Hall, 445 Columbia, Depew.

STATEN ISLAND - Staten Island, New York - 239 Bryson Ave., Staten Island, NY 10314. Contact: Benedict Silano (718) 698-3682 or Angelo D'Alessio (718) 761-9186. Meets monthly on the 1st Tuesday at 11:00AM at Lee's Tavern, 60 Hancock Street, Dongan Hills. Luncheon meeting.

NORTHWEST REGION, Regional Vice President, Bob Barbee 360-681-3802

ALASKA GREATLAND - Nikiski, Alaska - P.O. Box 8002, Port Nikiski, AK 99635. Contact: Ken Yearsley (907)776-8365.

CASCADE MARINERS - Battle Ground, Washington - P.O. Box 829, Battle Ground, WA 98604-0829. Contact: Bill Gunn (360) 673-2115 or Ruby Martin (360) 687-4163. Meets monthly on the 3rd Thursday at 12 Noon at the Tri-Mountain Golf Course-On Deck Restaurant, 1701 NW 299th Street, Ridgefield, WA.

EMERALD SEA - Eugene, Oregon - 2785 Riverview, Eugene, OR 97403-2290 Contact: Joe Johnson (541) 342-4433. Meets monthly on the 3rd Tuesday at 11:30 AM at the Veterans Hall, Willamette St, Eugene. Luncheon meeting.

JUAN DE FUCA - Carlsborg, Washington - P.O. Box 246, Carlsborg, WA 98324-0246. Contact: Harold 'Bud' Schmidt (360) 683-1550, e-mail, or Betty Ellis (360) 681-3932. Meets monthly (except September) on the 1st Monday at 1:00 PM at Clallam County Veterans Center, E. 3rd & Francis Streets, Port Angeles.

LOWER COLUMBIA - Astoria, Oregon - P.O. Box 231, Astoria, OR 97103-0231. Contact: Frank Wolden (503) 755-0517. Meets monthly on the 2nd Tuesday at 12 Noon at various area restaurants. Phone for location. Luncheon meeting.

MID-COLUMBIA - Kennewick, Washington - 1020 So. Conway Street, Kennewick, WA 99337. Contact: Bob & Janell Cauble, (509) 586-1418, e-mail. Meets the second Wednesday of every month at Clover Island Inn on Clover Island in Kennewick, WA at 12 noon.

OREGON - Portland, Oregon - P.O. Box 301115, Portland, OR 97294-9115. Contact: Ruthann Heineken (503) 848-7031 e-mail, or Agner Henningsen (503) 639-4639. Meets monthly on the 3rd Monday at 12 Noon at Old Country Buffet, 13500 SW Pacific, Highway 99 W. Tigard. Luncheon meeting.

OREGON SOUTHERN - North Bend, Oregon - 2657 Grey Fox Dr. Sutherlin Or 97479. Contact: Shirley Cauble (541) 459-7982. e-mail - Meets Second Saturday of each month at Red Lion Hotel, 1313 N. Bayshore Dr. Coos Bay Or. 97420. Call for information.

PUGET SOUND - Seattle, Washington - 2330 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121-1617. Contact: James Colamarino e-mail, (425) 746-6984 or Laurel Martinsen (206) 525-3389. Meets monthly on the LAST Monday at 11:00 AM at the Catholic Seamen's Meetin Information Club, 2330 First Avenue, Seattle, WA.

ROGUE VALLEY - Grants Pass, Oregon - Gene W. Jernigan, P.O.Box 66 Selma, Oregon 97538-0066, telephone (541) 597-4776 . Contact: Gene Jernigan e-mail. Meets monthly on the 3rd Monday at 12 Noon at Laurel Hill Golf Course, 19450 Old Stage Road, Gold Hill. Officers: Gene W. Jernigan, President William Bennett, Vice President Carl Alleman, Secretary, Fred Kuttig, Treasurer.

SAN JUAN - Bellingham, Washington - 1225 Sunset Drive, Suite 357, Bellingham, WA 98226-3529. Contact: John Burley (360) 733-1409 or Robert Hines (360) 332-1421. Meets monthly on the 2nd Tuesday at 11:30 AM at the American Legion Hall, 1688 W. Bakerview, Bellingham. Luncheon meeting.

SOUTHEAST REGION, Regional Vice President, Joe Colon (954) 370-8161

GULFSTREAM - Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 1221 South Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316. Contact: Joe Colon (954) 370-8161 or Mac MacDonald (561)368-6277. Meets monthly on the 3rd Saturday at 1:00 PM at the S.I.U. Hall 1221 South Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale.

OCALA - Ocala, Florida - P.O. Box 5482, Ocala, FL 34478-5482. Contact: Byron Kearbey (352) 489-5842, e-mail, or John Daignault (352) 622-5085. Meets monthly on the 4th Sunday at 1:00 PM. Call for information.

RUDY KOZAK - Umatilla, FL - 26002 Zinnia Lane, Astatula, FL 34705-9467, Contact: Carl Frey (352) 669-3404, Meets monthly on the 2nd Wednesday at 11:15 AM at the American Legion Bldg., 2874 S. Sanford, Umatilla, FL

SARASOTA-MANATEE - Sarasota, Florida - 800 25th Ave. Palmetto, FL 34221. Contact: Henry Van Gemert (941) 722-1194 or Jim Waters (941) 729-1346. Meets monthly on the LAST Wednesday at 12 Noon at the Shrine Temple, 600 North Beneva Road, Sarasota. Luncheon meeting.

SOUTHWEST FLORIDA - Cape Coral, Florida - P.O. Box 101027, Cape Coral, FL 33910-1027 Contact: Joe Hebert (941) 458-1404 e-mail. Meets monthly on the 2nd Tuesday at 12 Noon at Powell's Restaurant, 1306 Cape Coral Parkway, Cape Coral. Luncheon at 12 Noon and Meeting at 1 PM.

SUNCOAST - Port Charlotte, Florida - Contact: 119 Coconut St. Charlotte Harbor, FL 33980. Phone: (941) 235-2526. Meets monthly on the 3rd Monday at 12 Noon at the Olde World Restaurant, 14415 South Tamiami Trail, North Port. Luncheon meeting. Call for information.

ST. JOHNS RIVER - Jacksonville, Florida - P.O. Box 6625, Jacksonville, FL 32236-6625. Contact: John Lockhart (904) 384-7371 or Henry Billitz (904) 797-5506. Meets monthly on the 2nd Saturday at 2:00 PM, MEBA Union Hall & Auditorium, Interstate N Office Center Bldg, 435 Clark Road, Jacksonville.

TREASURE COAST - Sebastian, FL 3 Ventura Lane, Port St. Lucie, FL 34952. Contact: Marge Brady (561) 879-7220 or George VerCruysse (561) 461-3889. Meets monthly on the 1st Wednesday at 1:00 PM at the Community Center, 2266 14th Avenue, Vero Beach.

SOUTHWEST REGION, Regional Vice President, Rex Farley (602) 971-2573

CACTUS MARINERS - Tucson, Arizona - P.O. Box 43691, Tucson, AZ 85733-3691. Contact: Maurice (Mac) McCarty, 520-297-9814 Don Drensky, 520-579-1145. Meets monthly (except June through August) on the 1st Monday at 11:00 AM at the Home Town Buffet, 5101 North Oracle Road (Oracle and River Road), Tucson.

CHINA COASTERS - Wilmington, California - 440 North Avalon Blvd., Wilmington, CA 90744-5804. Contact: Clint McClish (562) 866-3857 or AMMV (310) 834-2488. Meets monthly on the 3rd Saturday at 1:00 PM at the AMMV Building, 440 North Avalon Blvd., Wilmington.

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Crossing the Bar

To add notice of the post-war death of a Korean War merchant mariner on the KWE, contact and provide details to [email protected] They will be listed below in alphabetical order.

Brief History: Pre- and Post-Korean War

World War II

American War Veterans Given Ultimate Insult. Must Purchase Their War Medals by Ian A. Millar, 1992

There are some things in life upon which you may place your money and never lose a bet. One is that you are going to pay taxes two is that you will one day die and three is that if there is any way possible for our nation to kick the veterans of our World War II merchant marine in the teeth, it will be done. The beat goes on as we find a kinder, gentler America has found the merchant marine veterans of World War II and handed them what might be the greatest symbolic insult to have been given to any veterans group yet.

In 1988 when the American merchant seamen were granted a very second class form of veterans status, Congress charged the Maritime Administration with the task of having medals designed and awarding them to go with the ribbon bars which had been previously awarded for war service. That was in 1988, and now some four years later, the medals are ready for distribution. However, there is a fly in the ointment, and that is the fact that if these men and women want the medals, they must purchase them! That's right--purchase, and the going rate is about $20.00 each.

As an aside, back in 1988, when these men and women were granted veterans status, they were denied the same medals as awarded to other veterans. This act of petty meanness was glossed over with a statement that the government would not award the military medals to the veterans of the merchant marine because they were already awarded the medals of the Maritime Administration. It should be clearly noted that the medals the merchant seamen were awarded were "civilian" awards and not "military." So factually speaking, the military war veterans have never received any military award which is due them. It should also be clearly understood that the government most certainly broke its own rules regarding duplicate awards for similar service. In the case of members of the Merchant Marine Cadet Corps at Kings Point who were in the Naval Reserve and graduated from the academy, both the awards of the Maritime Administration and the U.S. Navy were awarded and to this day are worn on the uniform.

I am very sure that many of you reading this will be concerned about the government and their wanton spending of our tax dollars on such things as war medals. I can most certainly appreciate this, but for a brief moment consider the recent diversion by the Bush Administration to the Middle East! They have awarded thousands of medals for "Desert Storm" and not a veteran paid a dime for their medal. Perhaps we are to believe we can balance the budget by charging the merchant seamen for their medals? I think the answer lies closer to the heart--that is, the cold heart of our government officials, and that is that they simply could not pass up an opportunity to kick these veterans in the teeth one more time.

In my den I have a frame of the medals of my late father. There is the merchant marine victory medal which was sent to him just after the war, and it was free of any charge. There are other merchant marine awards and there are three medals from England which were awarded to him at no cost. England figured that being torpedoed and suffering from exposure was more than enough payment for a campaign medal. Were my father still living, he would perhaps find this latest snub laughable, were it not so sad to be insulted in this manner.

Over the past year I have been able to assist two war veterans to obtain medals from Norway almost 50 years later. They were aboard a Liberty ship, the S/S Henry Bacon, which was attacked by German aircraft on the way back from Murmansk. They had aboard a number of Norwegian refugees and there was only room in the lifeboat for so many. In the tradition of the sea, many of the crew of this ship, including the Master and Chief Engineer, remained aboard the ship knowing full well they were soon to perish in the cold Arctic Ocean. Norway was grateful for the sacrifice of these brave men, and the entire crew was awarded the Norwegian War Medal for their service. There was no charge for the medals, and obviously Norway did not hesitate to recognize those war veterans.

For many years I had the privilege of assisting our merchant seamen and members of the U.S. Navy Armed Guard to obtain a medal from the former Soviet Union. The medal for the 50th Anniversary of the Great Patriotic War was awarded to about five hundred veterans of the merchant marine and Naval Armed Guard for their courage and heroism aboard ships in the various convoys to the Soviet Union during the war. It took some time, but the day did come when we gathered at the Soviet Embassy and the first group of men were decorated. There was no charge for the decoration, just a hearty handshake and heartfelt thanks. It appears that the Soviet Union thought that these men had already more than paid for their medal in service. I gather that no one in our government gave that much thought.

And there is certainly a greater pain and sorrow that is caused with this long-standing, petty meanness directed to our veterans of the merchant marine. Just to mention one example, I have a friend whose husband was killed in action when his ship the S/S Stephen Hopkins went into battle against the German Raider "Stier." The guns of the "Hopkins" roared out in defense of the man of war, demanding they strike their colors. In the end both ships went to the bottom, and Rudy Rutz, along with many of his shipmates, gave all they had for their country. I cannot comprehend the callousness of those who would charge this widow for the awards her husband so dearly paid for 50 years ago. And too, there are many former merchant seamen who cannot afford the cost of these symbols of courage in their waning years. They thought they had paid the price long ago in exploding ammunition ships and burning tankers.

Over 6,000 war veterans of the merchant marine gave their lives for their freedom and ours during World War II, and now we find that not a one of those lives was worth a $20.00 medal. None of those brave men who died in the mustard gas at Bari, none of those who were beaten from pillar to post in the Death Camps of the far East, and none of those who survived all the enemy could throw at them are worth a $20.00 medal. How pathetically sad that for those who suffered a greater percentage of combat casualties than the Army or the Navy, America holds such contempt and insult.

Merchant Marine of World War II by Ian Millar
  • US Marine Corps = 2.9%
  • US merchant marine = 2.8%
  • US Army (+Air Corps) = 2.0%
  • US Navy = 1.5%
  • US Coast Guard = 0.79%

The personnel of the merchant marine were obtained from the boot camps and training schools set up by the War Shipping Administration in 1942. The need for personnel was so great due to the attrition that recruitment offices were staffed in all states and training stations opened at Sheepshead Bay and Hoffman Island in New York, St. Petersburg, Florida, Pass Christian, Mississippi, and Catalina Island, California. The men were issued uniforms in 1942 that resembled those of the Navy. They were blue with different insignia, had pockets in the pants, and were not bell-bottomed. Campaign ribbons and medals were issued first in 1943. Until January, 1943, each individual sworn in after enlisting was also sworn into the Naval Reserve. It was decided the enlistees were already under Naval control outside of the U.S. territorial waters and this step was canceled. These training stations turned out more than 250,000 new sailors. Elmer Davis, Director of Office of War Information, announced in early 1943 that the merchant marine had suffered a casualty toll of nearly 4% compared to less than 1% for the Armed Forces.

The men trained by the WSA came from all corners of the country and did not differ from any of the Armed Forces boot camps. The biggest difference was the attention given to those with big mouths declaring they did not have to comply with Navy regulations while ashore, celebrating in the bars prior to ever going to sea, and, of course, of how much money they were going to make. The pay feature was to haunt the sailors of the merchant fleet for all their days. It was true that the base rate could increase from 33% to 100% for the days in certain war zones. It was proven in testimony prior to being granted veteran's status in January, 1988, that this pay differential was not a fact.

It was proven, by taking the two mainstays of each service, the Chief Petty officer of the Navy and the Boatswain of the deck crew of a merchant ship, that the merchant sailor did not even come close. The CPO in wartime made $151.00 per month, $37.50 for hazardous duty, plus $96.00 as dependent's allowance, for a total of $284.50 per month. This does not count the benefits for his family of possible use of Post Exchange facilities, and no union dues or retirement benefits. The Boatswains Mate made $110.00 per month, averaged $60.00 in overtime, 100% bonus for a month in a war zone for another $110.00, made a total of $280.00 per month. From this he must deduct income taxes (almost 25%), union dues, clothing and family's living expenses. The boatswain was paid only while he was signed on a ship. His pay stopped if his ship was sunk or he was taken prisoner. He was not paid for any time taken off between ships and his health expenses were on him unless he happened to be in the vicinity of a Marine hospital. This is the kind of pay that men signed on ships for the Murmansk run, the North Africa, Italian and D-Day invasions in Europe and the Philippines, Iwo, Saipan and Okinawa invasions in the Pacific. There are many individuals that made one trip in the Maritime Service and immediately joined the Army and even the Marines.

There is no one making a claim on doing anything but getting a job accomplished during a time of need for the national good. Everyone had their own reasons for joining the Maritime Service--after all, we were told we were a part of a Naval Reserve program. This proved untrue after January 1, 1943, but the recruiting offices were evidently not made aware of this change. We know from our net income tax returns of the war years the stories of big pay were not true. We did not participate in the veterans benefits of education, home purchases, or accumulated pay while in prisoner-of-war camps. We ask that you do not blame us too much for not being extremely overjoyed at the prospect of receiving a flag for our coffin.

List of Medal of Honor recipients for World War II

World War II was a global military conflict. It is also called Second World War. It was the joining of what started off as two separate conflicts. The first began in Asia as the Second Sino-Japanese War. The other began in Europe in 1939 with the German invasion of Poland. [1]

This global conflict split the majority of the world's nations into two opposing military alliances. On one side was the Allies. On the other was the Axis powers. It involved the mobilization of over 100 million military personnel. This made it the most widespread war in history. It placed the participants in a state of "total war". The distinction between civil and military resources were eliminated. This resulted in the complete activation of a nation's economic, industrial, and scientific capabilities for the purposes of the war effort. Over 60 million people, the majority of them civilians, were killed, making it the deadliest conflict in human history. [2] The financial cost of the war is estimated at about a trillion 1944 U.S. dollars worldwide, [3] [4] making it the most costly war in capital as well as lives.

The Allies won. The result was the United States and Soviet Union emerged as the world's two leading superpowers.

During this conflict 464 United States military personnel received the Medal of Honor, 266 of them posthumously. Seventeen of these were Japanese-Americans fighting in both Europe and the Pacific. Additionally, the only recipient for the United States Coast Guard received the Medal for his actions during this war.

The Medal of Honor was created during the American Civil War. It is the highest military decoration presented by the United States government to a member of its armed forces. The recipient must have distinguished themselves at the risk of their own life above and beyond the call of duty in action against an enemy of the United States. Due to the nature of this medal, it is commonly presented posthumously. [5]

Sgt. Howard E. Woodford AP-191 - History

  • Connecticut Newspapers, Full Search (1755-2002), 214 titles
  • Connecticut Obituary Search, (1988-current)
  • Connecticut Funeral Notices

Canton Springs Cemetery Canton, Hartford County, Connecticut

6 Canton Springs Rd
Canton, CT 06019

Published: October 24, 2019
Total records: 538

Canton Springs Cemetery is owned and managed by Canton Baptist Cemetery Association.

Cemetery History

Canton Springs Cemetery was a gift from Nathaniel Alford, III. The Canton Baptist Society had its first burial there in 1807. Eleven Hazard Powder Mills employees lost their lives at the mill and were buried here from 1819 to 1865. Contact: Canton Baptist Church, 125 Dowd Ave.

This cemetery is also known as, "Canton Baptist Cemetery", and, "Canton Street Cemetery".

Cemetery Records

Records published below were originally presented on a spreadsheet published online by the Collinsville Merchants Association. We converted the spreadsheet to HTML format for easier reference. The information in that spreadsheet was compiled from a long list of sources, including previous cemetery transcriptions, death records, and obituaries. For a full detail of these sources, refer to the Downloadable Files section on this page for "Canton, Connecticut Cemeteries June 15, 2017".

Downloadable Files

  • Canton, Connecticut Cemeteries, June 15, 2017, Tom Ayres, docent at the Canton Historical Museum, Collinsville, CT, (1.2 MB)

Service history

After shakedown along the Virginia coast, Kermit Roosevelt departed Norfolk, Virginia, on 21 July for duty in the Pacific Ocean. Steaming via Pearl Harbor and Okinawa, she arrived Tsingtao, China, on 16 October and began service as a station repair ship. A unit of ServRon 10, she supported U.S. Naval forces aiding the Chinese Nationalists on the Chinese mainland. She departed Tsingtao 11 March 1946 and arrived Hong Kong on 16 March for five months of similar duty. Thereafter serving briefly at Guam and Saipan, she returned to Bremerton, Washington, on 3 February 1947.

Clearing San Pedro Bay 21 April, Kermit Roosevelt returned to Tsingtao 4 September and provided ship repair services there until 28 February 1949. Then she continued operations in the Philippines and the Pacific until departing Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands for the West Coast 8 June. Steaming via Pearl Harbor, she reached San Diego, California, on 24 July. On 23 January 1950 she sailed for the Central Pacific and, before returning to San Diego 12 June, she provided repair facilities at Kwajelein and Majuro in the Marshall Islands, Truk in the Caroline Islands, and Nauru in the Gilbert Islands. Between 10 July 1950 and 23 October 1953 Kermit Roosevelt made four deployments to the Far East. Operating out of Sasebo, Japan, she repaired ships engaged in the Korean War and in the Strait of Formosa. From 10 October to 27 November 1950 she supported Task Group 95.6 at Wonsan, Korea, and during 13 – 23 December she performed similar duty at Hungnam for ships of Task Group 79.2. And while operating out of Pusan from 7 August to 16 September 1953, she helped salvage SS Cornhusker Marine.

Kermit Roosevelt returned to Long Beach, California, on 23 October 1953 and operated along the West Coast until she again sailed for the Far East 6 October 1954. Between then and 30 April 1956 she made two more deployments to the Western Pacific, where she provided important repair services for the Seventh Fleet. After returning to the United States in 1956, Kermit Roosevelt operated out of Long Beach until she departed 1 October 1959 for Bremerton, Washington arriving 7 October. She decommissioned on 31 October and entered the Pacific Reserve Fleet. Her name was struck from the Naval Vessel Register on 1 January 1960, and she transferred to the Maritime Administration 23 June. On 25 August 1960 she was sold to Zidell Explorations, Inc. for scrap.

Kermit Roosevelt received three battle stars for Korean War service.

Sgt. Howard E. Woodford AP-191 - History

27. RIchard of Bordeaux, afterwards King of England of that Name the second.

Quarterly France ancient and England, a Label of three Points Argent on the middlemost, a Cross of St. George.

28. Lionel of Antwerp, Earl of Ulster, and Duke of Clarence.

Quarterly France ancient and England, on a Label of three P • ints Argent, as many Cantons Gules.

29. John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, after created Duke of Acquitai e

Quarter •• F • ance ancient and England, a Label of three Points E • mine.

30. Edm • nd of Langley, Earl of Cambridge, after Duke of York.

Quarterly France ancient and England, on a Label of three Points Argent and • ine To • teauxes.

31. John de Mont •• rd, Duke o • Bretag • e, and Earl of Richmond.

32. William de Bol • un, Earl of Hereford. •

Azure a bend Argent between two Cottises, and six Lyons rampant Or.

33. William de Bohun, Earl of Northam • ton.

Azure • n a bend A • gent, cottized between six Lyons rampant Or, three Mullets Gules.

34. J • hn Hastings, Earl of Pembroke.

35. Th • mas Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick.

Gules a • ess between six cross Cr • slets Or.

Page 503 36. Richard Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundel and Surrey.

37. Robert Ufford, Earl of Suffolk.

Sable a Cross ing • ailed Or.

38. Hugh Stafford, Earl of Stafford.

39. Ingelram de Coucy, Earl of Bedford.

Barry of six Vair and Gules.

40. Guiscard d' Angoulesme, Earl of Huntingdon.

Or billetty a Lyon rampant Azure.

41. Edward Spencer, Lord Spencer.

Quarterly Argent and Gules, in the second and third • fret Or, over all a bend Sable.

42. William Latimer, Lord Latimer.

43. Reynold Cobham, Lord Cobham of Sterborough.

Gules on a Chevron Or three Estoils Sable.

44. John Nevil, Lord Nevil of Raby.

45. Ralph Basset, Lord Basset of Drayton.

Or three Piles Gules a Canton Ermin.

46. Sir Walter Manny Banneret.

Or three Chevrons Sable, to which King Edward III. added an augmentation of a Lyon Passant gardant Or, placed on the upperm • st Chevron.

47. Sir William Fitz Warin, Kt.

Q • arterly per fess indented Ermine and Gules.

Sable a Cross ing • ailed Or with his difference.

Gules two Lyons passant in pale Ermine crowne • Or.

50. Sir Francis Van Hale, Kt.

Gules within a bordu • e cousu Azure enurny verdoy of Lyo • s rampant and Flower Deluces, a Wyve • n or bifooted Dragon rising and crowned all Or, charge • on the breast with an inescochion, of the first therein a double headed Eagle displaid Gold.

51. Sir Fulk Fitz Warrin, Kt.

Qua • terly per fess indented Argent and Gules.

Or a Lyon rampant queve fourche Azure fret •• e Argen • .

53. Sir Richard Pembruge, Kt.

Barry of eight Or and Azure.

Gules on a Cross patonce Or, five mullets of the Field.

55. Sir Thomas Banester, Kt.

Argent a Cr • ss patonce Sable.

56. Sir Richard de la Vache, Kt.

Gules three Lyons rampant Argent crowned Or.

58. Thomas of Woodstock, Earl of Buckingham, after Duke of Gloucester.

Quarterly France ancient and England, a bordure Argent.

59. Henry of Lancaster, (or Bolinbroke,) Earl of Darby, afterwards King of England of that Name the fourth.

60. William, Duke of Gelderland.

Parti per pale Or and Azure, two Lyons rampant com∣batant and counter-changed.

61. William of Bavaria, Earl of Ostrevant, after Earl of Holland, Henault, and Zeland.

Quarterly the first and fourth Or, a Lyon rampant Sable, the second and third Or, a Lyon rampant Gules, i. c. Flanders and Hainault.

62. Thomas Holland, Earl of Kent, after Duke of Surry.

England a border Argent, to which the King in Aug∣mentation gave him King Edward the Confessor's, viz. Azure a Cross patonce between five martlets Or, to be • mpaled before his own aforesaid, assumed from his Grandmother of the House of Plantagenet Woodstock. Vide among the Founders.

63. John Holland, Earl of Huntingdon, after Duke of Exeter.

England a border of France, as descended maternally from Plantagenet Woodstock.

64. Thomas Mowbray, Earl of Nottingham, after Duke of Norfolk.

England a Label of five Points Argent, his maternal Grandmother's Arms Plantagenet of Brotherton, his own Arms was Gules a Lyon rampant Argent.

65. Edward, Earl of Rutland, after Duke of Albemarle.

66. Michael de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk.

Azure a Fess between three Leopards Faces Or.

67. William Scroop, Lord Scroop, after Earl of Wiltshire, and Lord Treasurer of England.

Azure a bend Or, a Label of three Points Argent with difference, being of the Masham Line.

68. William Beauchamp, Lord Bergavenny.

Comme son Pere, No. 35. with a Crescent difference.

69. John Beaumont, Lord Beaumont.

70. William Willoughby, Lord Willoughby.

Quarterly Ufford and Beke, viz. Sable a Cross ingrailed Or, and Gules a Cross moline Argent, his Grand∣mother Ufford 's Arms, his own proper Coat being Or fretty Azure.

71. Richard Grey, Lord Grey.

Barry of six Argent and Azure, a Label of five Points Gules.

72. Sir Nicholas Sarnesfield, Kt.

Azure an Eagle displaid Or, crowned Argent, potius Argent crowned Or.

73. Sir Philip de la Vache, Kt.

Gules on a Chevron Argent, three Roses of the first.

Checquy Or and Azure a fess Gules, potius a bend Gules.

Or three barrs Sable in chief, two Pallets of the second, in pretence Hussey, viz. Gules with three bars Ermine.

Gules a fess Argent in chief, three Plates.

80. Sir Bryan Stapleton, Kt.

Argent a Lyon rampant Sable, on his Shoulder an annu∣let diff.

Or three Torteauxes, on a Label of three Points Azure, nine Plates

Argent a Cross ingrailed Gules, between four water bud∣gets Sable.

84. Sir Thomas Granston, Kt.

Paly of six Argent and Azure, on a bend Gules, three escallops Or.

85. Sir Robert Dunstavil, Kt.

Argent a fret Gules and Border ingrailed Sable, over all on a Canton, of the second a Lyon passant Or.

86. Sir Robert de Namur, Kt.

Or a Lyon rampant Sable, suppressed by a Batime Gules.

87. Sir Sandich de Frane, Kt. alias vocat Sanchet la Towre.

Or a Lyon rampant quevee fourchee Gules.

88. Henry, Prince of Wales, after King of England, of that Name the fifth.

Quarterly France ancient and England, a Label of three Points Argent.

89. Thomas of Lancaster, Earl of Albemarle, and Duke of Clarence, Brother to Prince Henry.

Quarterly France ancient and England, on a Label Ar∣gent, three cantons Gules at the Label Ermine as his Grandfather, No. 29. but charged with Cantons.

90. John, Earl of Kendal, and Duke of Bedford, after Re∣gent of France, another Brother to Prince Henry.

Quarterly France ancient and England, a Label of five Points perpale Ermine, and Azure semi de liz Or.

91. Humphry, Earl of Pembrook, and after Duke of Exeter.

Quarterly France ancient and England, a border Argent.

92. Thomas Beaufort, Earl of Dorset, and after Duke of Exeter.

Quarterly France ancient and England, a border gobon • Ermine and Azure, in every piece of the second a Flower Deluce Or.

N. B. Sir Thomas Percy, Knight of the Garter, living 7 Rich. II. is mentioned by Ashmole, p. 213. tho' omitted in his and other Catalogues. Or a Lyon rampant Azu • e

93. Robert, Count Palatine, Duke of Bavaria, after Em∣peror of Germany.

Quarterly Sable, a Lyon rampan • crowned Or, for the Palatinate, and Paly bendy Argent and Azure, Ba∣varia.

94. John Beaufort, Earl of Somerset, and Marquiss of Dorset.

Quarterly France ancient and England, a bord gobone Argent and Azure.

95. Thomas Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundel.

96. Edmund Stafford, Earl of Stafford.

97. Edmund Holland, Earl of Kent.

98. Ralph Nevil, Earl of Westmorland.

99. Gilbert Roos, Lord Roos.

Gules three water budgets Argent.

100. Gilbert Talbot, Lord Talbot.

Gules a Lyon rampant within a border ingrailed Or.

101. John Lovell, Lord Lovell.

Barry nebulee of six Or and Gules.

102. Hugh Burnell, Lord Burnell.

Argent a Lyonrampant Sable, crowned Or, a border Azure.

103. Thomas Morley, Lord Morley.

Argent a Lyon rampant Sable crowned Or.

104. Edward Charleton, Lord Powis.

105. Sir John Cornwall, Kt. after Lord Fanhope.

Ermine a Lyon rampant Gules crowned Or, a border ingrailed Sable besanty.

106. Sir William Arundel, Kt. of the House of Fitz Alan.

Gules a Lyon rampant Or, a crescent difference.

Quarterly Argent and Or in the first, on a bend Azure, three Stags Heads Silver, in the second a chief in∣dented as the third, charged with three Plates, i. e. Stanley and Latham.

108. Sir Robert de Umfrevile, Kt.

Gules Semi de cr • ss Cros • ets a cinque foil Or, over all a bend ingrailed Argent.

109. Sir Thomas Rampston, Kt.

Argent a Chevron, and in the dexter chief Point a cinquefoile Sable.

Page 508 111. Sir Thomas Erpingham, Kt.

Vert an inescocheon within eight Marlets, placed in Orle Argent.

Hitherto the Knights of this Noble Order are ranked, as placed in divers other Catalogues, and according to their greatest Dignities, because the certain Years of their Elections cannot be found only we have here removed Sir John Sulbie, and Sir Sanchet de Trane, from the Reign of King Henry IV. in which they are written in those old Catalogues, to the Reign of King Richard II. for it ap∣pears in Ashmole, Page 213. that they were Knights of the Garter, 7 Rich. II. and we have a little varied the Places of the Knights in that Reign following: The prece∣dence in the Roll of Accounts of Alan de Stoke that Year, who reciting twenty three of these Knights-Companions, gives therein the preference to some of them after this manner Sir Guy Bryan, Sir William Beauchamp, Sir Thomas Percy, Sir Nele Loring, Sir John Sulby, Sir Lo •• ∣wick Clifford, Sir Simon Burley, Sir Richard Burley, Sir Bryan Stapleton, and Sir Soldan de la Trane. These that follow are Marshalled in an exact Series of their Ele∣ctions.

111. Sir John Dabrichcourt, Kt.

Ermine three barrs humet Gules.

112. Richard Vere, Earl of Oxford.

Quarterly Gules and Or, in the first Quarter a Mull •• Argent.

113. Thomas Camois, Lord Camois.

Or on a chief Gules, three Plates.

114. Sir Simon Felbryge, Kt.

Or a Lyon rampant, rather saliant Gules.

115. Sir William Harington, Kt.

Sable, a fret Argent, a Label of three Points, Gules •

116. John Holland, Earl of Huntingdon.

117. Sigisimund, Emperor of Germany.

Or an Eagle double headed displaid Sable, on the Breast, Hungary and Bohemia, in pretence B • anden∣burgh.

118. Dux Hollandiae Lib. Nig. Fol. 27.

Or an Eagle displaid Sable, escharfoned cross the breast Argent.

Quarterly Sanchet of Spain, his Mother's Arms, viz. Argent a Castle Azure and Blont, viz. barry nebulee of six Or and Sable.

121. Sir John Robessart, Kt.

Vert a Lyon rampant Or, vulned on the Shoulders proper.

122. Sir William Phelip, afterwards Lord Bardolph.

Quarterly Gules and Argent, in the first Quarter an Eagle displaid Or, Guillim gives him the Lord Bardolph 's Arms, whose Heir he Married, Azure three Cinquefoils Or.

123. John, King of Portugal.

Over Or, debrasing a Cross d'Avis Or, of Calatrava, Portugal, viz. Argent five Escochions in cross, each charged with five Plates saltirewise, a bordure of Castile, viz. Gules, therein Castles Or.

124. Eric • King of Denmark.

Or semi de Coeur or Hearts proper, three Lyons pas∣sant gardant in pale Azure, crowned Or.

125. Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, after Lieu∣tenant General, and Governor in France and Normandy.

126. Thomas Montacute, Earl of Salisbury.

Argent three losenges in fess Gules.

127. Robert Willoughby, Lord Willoughby.

Comme son Pere, No. 70. viz. Ufford and Beke.

128. Henry Fitz Hugh, Lord Fitz Hugh.

Azure three Chevrons fretted in base, and a chief Or.

129. Sir John Grey, Kt. Earl of Tankervile.

Gules a Lyon rampant and border, ingrailed Argent.

130. Hugh Stafford, Lord Bourchier.

Quarterly Or, a Chevron Gules, a mullet diff. for Stafford and A • gent, a Cross ingrailed Gules between four wa∣ter budgets Sable for Bourchier.

131 John Moubray, Earl Marshal.

C • mme son Pere, Plantagenet, Brotherton, No. 64. making only the label to consist of three Points •

132. William de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk, after Marquiss and Duke of Suffolk.

133. John Clifford, Lord Clifford.

Checquy Or and Azure, a fess Gules.

134. Sir Lewis Robessart, Kt. afterwards Lord Bourchier.

135. The Heer, or Sir Henry Van Clux, a German Lord, Captain of Crewly in Normandy, 7 Hen. V.

Quarterly per fess embatteled Gules and Argent, in the second and third a branch of a Tree in bend, with four folages bend, couped at both ends, sable rather Vert.

136. Sir Walter Hungerford, after Lord Hungerford, and Lord Treasurer of England.

Sable two bars Argent in chief • thre • Plates.

137. Philip le Bon, Duke of Burgundy.

France a bordure Gobone, Argent and Gules being Bur∣gundy Modern, aliter Quarterly, the first Austria, viz. Gules a fess Argent the second Burgundy, Modemas aforesaid the third, Bendy Or and Azure Burgundy ancient the fourth, Brabant Sable, a Lyon rampant Or, over all Flanders, Or a Lyon rampant Sable.

138. John Talbot, Lord Talbot, after Earl of Shrewsbury.

139. Thomas Scales, Lord Scales.

Gules six escallops, three hundred and twenty one Argent.

140. Sir John Fa • stoff, Kt.

Q • arterly Or and Azure, on a bend Gules, three escal∣lops Argent.

141. Peter, Duke of Conimbero, third Son of John I. King of Portugal.

Comme son Pere, No. 123. but without the Calatrava Cross of Flower Deluces, viz. Portugal a border of Castile.

142. Humphry Stafford, Earl of Stafford, after Duke of Bucks.

Page 511 143 • Sir John Ratcliff, Kt.

Argent a bend ingrailed Sable.

144. John Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundel, and Lord Mal∣travers.

Comme, No. 106. and 95, and 36.

145. Richard, Duke of York, the King's Lieutenant in France and Normandy.

Quarterly France modern and England, on a label of three Points Argent nine torteauxes.

146. Edward, King of Portugal.

147. Edmund Beaufort, Earl of Moriton, after Earl of Dorset, and Duke of Somerset.

Quarterly France modern and England, a border gobone Ermine and Azure.

Barry of six Argent and Azure in chief, three torteauxes over all, a label of three Points Argent for his dif∣ference, being of the Ruthyn Line.

149. Richard Nevil, Earl of Salisbury, after Lord Chan∣cellor of England.

Quarterly first and fourth, his Wives Arms, Argent three losenges enjoyn'd in fess, viz. Montague, Gules quar∣tering Monthermer Or, an Eagle displaid Vert, second and third, Gules a Saltire Argent, Comme son Pere, No. 98. with a label of three Points gobone Argent and Azure difference therein.

150. William Nevil, Lord Falconbergh, after Earl of Kent.

Quarterly first and fourth, his Wives Arms, Argent a Lyon rampant Azure Falconbergh, second and third, Comme son Pere, No. 98. viz. Gules a saltire Ar∣gent, a mullet Sable difference.

151. Albert, Duke of Austria, afterwards Emperor.

Or on th • b • east of an imperial Eagle, i. e. double∣headed and displaid Sable, an Escochion of Austria, viz Gules a fess Argent.

152. John Beaufort, Earl of Somerset, afterwards Duke of Somerset, and Earl of Kendal.

Quarterly France modern and England, a border gobone Argent and Azure.

153. Ralph Butler, Lord Sudley, after Lord Treasurer of England.

Page 512 Gules a fess checquy Argent and Sable, between six cross patees fitchee of the second.

154. Henry, Duke of Visco, fourth Son of John I. King of Portugal, after King of Portugal.

155. J • hn Beaumont, Viscount Beaumont.

Comme son Beau Pere, No. 69.

156. Gaston de Foix, Earl of Longueville and Benanges, Captain de Buch.

Quarterly first and fourth Or, three Pales Gules, the Arms of the old Counts de Foix, second and third Argent, two Cows passant, Gules armed and ingrailed, and collered Or, Bells hanging at their Necks, Azure for Bearne, vel vice versa, both the maternal Coat of the Gaston. Over the whole Atchievement, a label of three Points terminating in Crosses Sable, on each of which charged with five escallops Argent, in allusion to the Arms of Greilly, the original House of this Gaston.

157. John de Foix, Earl of Kendal.

158. John Beauchamp, Lord Beauchamp of Powick, and after Lord Treasurer of England.

Gules, a fess between six martlets Or •

159. Alphonsus, King of Portugal.

160. Albro Vasques d'Almada, Earl of Averence in Nor∣mandy.

Or on a bend Vert between two Eagles, displaid Gules, as many cross paton • es Argent pierced.

Quarterly Sable and Argent.

162. Sir Francis Surien, Kt.

Or three pales Gules, on a chief Sable, three escallop • Argent.

163. Alphonsus, King of Aragon.

Aragon, viz. Or four pales Gules.

164. Casimire IV. King of Poland.

Quarterly first and fourth, the Dutchy of Lithuania, viz. Gules a Chevalier armed at all Points a Cap-a-pee, brandishing his Sword aloft, Argent garnished Or, Mounted on a barded Courser, 〈…〉 thr • ughout of the second, and holding a Shield in his left Hand, Page 513 Azure charged with a Cross double crossed as the second second and third Gules, an Eagle displaid Argent, rather vice versa, the last being Poland.

165. William, Duke of Brunswick.

Gules two Lyons passant gardant in pale Or.

166. Richard Widvile, Lord Rivers, afterwards created Earl Rivers.

Argent a fes • and canton Gules. Philipot Vil. Cant. says he bore Rivers in pretence. Gules a Gryphon rampant Or.

167. John Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk.

168. Henry Bourchier, Viscount Bourchier, after Lord Treasurer of England, and Earl of Essex.

Bourchier Comme, No. 83. quartering Lovain, viz. Gules a fess between fifteen billets Or.

169. Sir Philip Wentworth, Kt.

Sable a Chevron between three leopards faces Or.

Argent three cross Croslets fitchee Azure in bend, be∣tween two co • ises Gules.

171. Frederick III. Emperor of Germany.

172. John Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury.

173. Lionell Wells, Lord Wells.

Or a Lyon rampant quevee fourchee Sable.

174. Thomas Stanley, Lord Stanley.

Quarterly first and fourth Or on a chief indented Azure • three Plates for Latham, his gre • t Grandmother's Arms second and third Stan • ey, viz. Argent on a bend Azure, th • ee Staggs heads caboshed Or.

175. Edward, Prince of Wales.

The national Arms, viz. Quarterly France modern and England, a label of three Points Argent.

176. Jasper, Earl of Pembroke, after Duke of Bedford.

Quarterly France modern and England, a border Azure, semi de Flower de Luce Or.

177. James Butler, Earl of Wiltsh • r • .

Or a chief indented Azure.

178. John Sutton, Lord Dudley.

Or a Lyon rampant quevee fourchee Vert •

179. John Bourchier, Lord Berners.

Argent a Cross ingrailed Gules between four Water∣budgets Sable, on a label of three Points, of the second nine Lyons of England.

180. Richard Nevil, Earl of Warwick.

Quarterly of four fi • st, his Wives Arms, Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, viz. Gules a fess between six Cros∣lets Or impaling the old Earls of Warwick checquy. Or and Azure a Chevron Ermine second, his Mother's Arms, viz. Montague, Argent three losenges in fess impaling Monthermer, Or an Eagle displaid Vert third, Spenser, viz. quarterly Argent and Gules a bend Sable, in the second and third a fret Or fourth, Clare, impaling O • , three Chevrons Gules impaling Nevil, his paternal Coat, viz • Gules a saltire Ar∣gent, differenced with a label gobonated Argent and Azure.

181. William Bonvill, Lord Bonvill.

Sable six mullets, 3 2 1 Argent pierced Gules.

182. John Wenlock, Lord Wenlock.

Argent a Chevron Sable between three Negroes • eads brased proper.

183. Sir Thomas Kyriell, Kt.

Or two Chevrons Gules on a Canton, of the last a Lyon of England.

184 George, Duke of Clarence.

Quarterly France and England, a label of three Points A • gent, on • ach a canton Gules.

185. Sir William Chamberlayn, Kt.

Gules a Chevron between three escallops, Or a label ex∣ten • ed of three Points Argent.

186. John Tipto •• , Earl of Wo • cester, after High Con∣stable of England.

Argent a saltire i • grailed Gules.

187. John Nev •• , Lord Montag • e, after Earl of Nor∣thumberland, and M • rquiss • f Montague.

Comme son Pere, No. 149. a crescent difference in pre∣tence quarterl • firs • , Argent on a Canton Gules a rose Or for Bradeston, two Gules a C • oss ingrailed Argent, Page 515 for Ingolsthorp, [Wife of this Lord Montague] third, Delapole, viz. Azure a fess between three leo∣pards faces Or fourthly and lastly, Brough Argent on a fess dancet Sable three besants.

188. William Herbert, Lord Herbert, after Earl of Pem∣broke.

Parti per pale, Azure and Gules three lyons rampant Argent.

189. William Hastings, Lord Hastings.

190. John Scrope, Lord Scrope of Bolton.

Quarterly Azure a cinquefoil Ermine for Astley, and Or two barrs Gules for Harcourt, over both a label ex∣tended of three Points Ermine.

192. Ferdinand, King of Naples, Son of Alphonsus, King of Aragon.

Aragon, viz. Or four pales Gules, a baston sinister Argent:

193. Francis Sfortia, Duke of Milan.

Milan, viz. a Guivre or Snake wreathed and erected in pale Azure vorant, an Infant issuant proper.

194. James, Earl of Douglas.

Argent an heart Gules regally crowned proper as the augmentation, on a chief Azure, three mullets Ar∣gent.

195. Galiard de Duras, Lord of Duras.

Quarterly, Gules a lyon rampant Argent, and Argent a bend Azure, both by the Name of Duras.

196. Sir Robert Harcourt, Kt.

197. Anthony Widvile, Lord Scales and Nucells, after∣wards Earl Rivers.

Comme son Pere, No. 166 • there should be the due difference of a label.

198. Richard, Duke of Gloucester, after King of England, of that Name the third.

Quarterly France and England, a lab • l of three Points Ermine.

199. . Lord Mountgryson in A • u • ia.

200. John Moubray, Duke of Norf • lk.

Comme son Pere, No. 1 • 7 viz. Plantagenet Brotherton.

201. John de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk.

202. William Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundel.

203. John Stafford, Earl of Wiltshire.

His Grandmothers Arms Plantagenet Woodstock, viz. Quarterly, France modern and England, a border Ar∣gent and Crescent difference, aliter Quarterly, first, Plantagenet Woodstock • ut ante second, Azure a bend A • gent cotised between six lyons rampant Or, for Bohun, Earl of Hereford third, the said last Coat with three mullets Gules on the bend for Bohun • Earl of Northampton fourth, his own paternal Arms, viz. Or a Chevron Gules, in the Centre of the whole, a Crescent difference.

204. John Howard, Lord Howard, after Duke of Norfolk.

Quarterly first and fourth, Plantagenet Brotherten pro Mowbray, viz. England a label of three Points Ar∣gent second and third, Howard, Gules a bend be∣tween six cross Cr • slets • itchee Argent.

205 • Walter Devereux, Lord Ferrers of Chartley.

Argent a fess Gules in chief t • ree torteauxes.

206. Walter Blount, Lord Montjoy.

Quarterly first Argent two Wolves passant in pale Sa∣ble, a border Gules of Saltires Argent for ayela se∣cond, Azure a Castle Or, sanchet de ayela, his Grand∣mother's Arms, a Spanish Lady third, barry ne∣bulee of six Or and Sable, his own paternal Arms and fourth, Vair and Beauchamp of Hatch, a ma∣ternal Ancestor.

207. Charles, Duke of Burgundy.

Burgundy modern, viz. France a border gobonated A • ∣gent and Gules.

208. Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham.

Plantagenet Woodstock, his great Grandmother's Arms, viz • Quarterly France modern and mngland a border Argent, his own Coat was, Or a Chevron Gules.

209. Thomas Fitz Alan, Lord Maltravers, afterwards Ea • l of Arundel.

Quarte • ly Fitz Alan, Comme son Pere, No. 202. and Maltravers, viz. Sable a fret Or over the whole Atchievement, a label ext • nded of th • ee Points Argent for difference.

210. Sir William Parr, Knight of Kendal.

Quarterly first and fourth, Ross of Kendal, viz. Or three Water-budgets Sable second and third, Argent two barrs Azure, a border ingrailed Sable Parr.

211. Frederick, Duke of Urbin.

Quarterly first and fourth, Or an Eagle displaid Sable second and third, Or bends couped Azure, between the two uppermost an Eagle displaid Sable, the said Quarterings separated by a Pale Gules, charged with the Papal Infula or tripple Crowned Mytre Or in chief, and the Ecclesiastical Keys, in Saltire the dexter Gold, the Sinister Argent in base tyed Azure, for his Office of Gonfalonier under the Pope, tho' properly this Mytre is a Gonfannon pavilionated.

212. Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland.

Quarterly Per • y, Lovain and Lucy, viz. Or a lyo • rampant Azure and Gules, three lucies • auriant Argent.

213. Edward, Prince of Wales.

Quarterly France and England, a label of three Points Silver.

214. Richard, Duke of York, second Son to King Edward.

Quarterly France and England, a label of three Points Argent, on the fi • st one Canton Gules.

215. Thomas Grey, Marquiss of Dorset, and Earl of Huntingdon.

Barry of six Argent and Azure, in chief three torte∣auxes, a label extended of three Points Ermine.

216. Sir Thomas Montgomery, Kt.

Gules a Chevron Ermine between three Flower Delu∣ces Or.

217. Ferdinand, King of Castile and Leon.

Quarterly Castile and Leon, viz. Gules a Castle Or and Argent, and lyon rampant Gules crowned Or.

218. Her • ules d'Esti, Duke of Ferrara.

Quarterly first, Or an Eagle displaid Sable, bequd. membred and couroned Gules, the Empire second, for France a bordure pa • te per indenture throughout Gules and Or for Ferra • a, the said Quarterings separated by a • ale Gules, charged with the papal Keys in Saltire, t • e dexter being Or, the sinister Argent as Go • f ••• nier • over all pretence Azure an Eagle displaid 〈…〉 Esti. Mr. Ashmole afterwards corrected it as now Page 518 in his Library. Palewise of three pieces, first, par∣tie per fess in the chief Or an Eagle displaid Sable, membred langued and Crown'd Gules, and in base Azure three Flower Deluces within a bordure indented Or and Gules secondly, Gules, two Gules in Saltire, the one Or, the other Argent, charged in fess with an Escutcheon of pretence Azure supporting an Eagle of the third membred langued and Crown'd, of the second, over all in chief a papal Crown Or, garnished with sundry Gemms Azure and Parts thirdly, the third as the first, counter plac'd.

219. John, King of Portugal, Son to Alphonsus V.

221. Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey, after Lord Trea∣surer of England, and Duke of Norfolk.

Quarterly, first and f • urth Gules a bend betwixt six cross Creslets fitchee Argent for Howard second and third, England a lab • l of three Points Argent, for Planta∣genet, Brotherton and Mowbray over the whole a la∣bel extended of three Points Argent.

222. Francis Lovell, Viscount Lovell.

223. Sir Richard Ratclift, Kt.

A • gent a bend ingr • iled Sable.

224. Sir Thomas Bu • gh, Kt. after Lord Burgh.

Azure th • ee Flower Deluces Ermine.

225. Thomas Stanley, Lord Stanley, after Earl of Dar • y.

A • gent on a bend Azure, three Stags Heads caboshed Or, a c • escent diff.

226. Sir Richard Tun • tall, Kt.

Sai le three combs A • gent.

227. J • hn Ver • , Earl of Oxford.

C • mme son Beau Pere, No. 112.

228. Sir Giles d'Aubeny, after Lord d'Aubeny.

Gules four fusils in fess Argent.

229. Thomas Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundel.

This is the same Person, No. 209. called Thomas Lord Maltravers, who succeeded his Father William Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundel therefore one of • hem should be out, for other Catalogues have him not temp. Hen. VII.

230. George Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury.

Comme son Beau Pere, No. 171.

231. John Wells, Viscount Wells.

232. George Stanley, Lord Strange.

Comme son Pere, No. 225. in pretence his Wives Arms, viz. Strange of knockin, Gules two lyons passant in Pale Argent quartering Mohun, Or a Cross ingrailed Sable.

233. Sir Edward Wydevile, Knight Banneret.

Comme, No. 197. with due difference.

234. John Dynham, Lord Dynham, Lord Treasurer of England.

Gules four fusils in fess Ermine.

235. Maximilian, King of the Romans, after Emperor of Germany.

Or on the breast of a single headed Eagle displaid Sa∣ble, an Escochion Quarterly of four first, Barry of eight Argent and Gules for Hungary second, Gules a fess Argent for Austria third, Gules a lyon rampant with two Tails, armed langued and crowned Or for B •• e∣mia fourth, bendy Or and Azure, a bordu • e Gules for Burgundy ancient.

Quarterly, fi • st and fourth, A • gent a pale of Losenges Sable, Daniel pro Savage second, Or on a fess Azure, three garbs of the first Vernon third and last, Gules a Chevron between three martlets Argent, the ancient Arms of Savage, over the whole Atchieve∣ment a label extended of three Points Gules.

237. Sir William Stanley, Kt. Lord Chamberlain.

Comme son Frere, No. 225. a crescent on a Crescent diffe • ence.

Page 520 238. Sir John Cheney, Knight Banneret.

Azure six Lyons rampant Argent and Canton Ermine, Shirland 's Arms his maternal Ancestor.

239. Alphonsus, Duke of Calabria and Naples, King of Sicily and Jerusalem.

Quarterly, the first A • ragon, viz. Or four pales Gules, the second Calabria, viz. Argent a Cross potent Sa∣ble.

240. Arthur, Prince of Wales.

Quarterly France and England a label Argent.

241. Thomas Grey, Marquiss of Dorset.

242. Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland.

243. Henry Bourchier, Earl of Essex.

Comme son Beau Pere, No. 168, vel 83.

244. Sir Charles Somerset, Knight Banneret, after Earl of Worcester, and Lord Herbert.

Quarterly France modern and England, a border Gob • ne Argent and Azure, over all a baston sinister Argent impaling his W •• e Herbert, viz. per pale Azure and Gules three Lyons rampant Argent.

245. Robert Willoughby, Lord Brook.

Quarterly Ufford and Beke, viz. Sable a Cross ingrailed Or, and Gules a cr • ss moline Argent, his maternal Ancestors but the proper Arms of his Family, Or fretty Azure.

246. Sir Edward Poynings, Kt.

Barry of six Or and Vert, a bend Gules.

247. Sir Gilbert Talbot, Knight Banneret of Gra • ton.

Comme son Pere, No. 172. a Cres • ent difference.

Parti per pale Or and Sable, a Saltire ingrailed counter∣changed.

249. Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham.

Quarterly of four, first, Comme son Pere, No. 208. i. e. Plantagenet Woodstock second, Azure a bend Argent cotised between six Lyons rampant Or, Bohun Earl of Hereford third, Or a Chevron Gules Stafford fourth, Azure on a bend A • gent cotised between six Lyons rampant Or, three mullets Gules, B • hun Earl of Nort • ampton.

250. Henry, Duke of York, after King of England, of that Name the eighth.

Quarterly France and England, a label of three Points Ermine.

251. Edward Courtney, Ea • l of Devonshire.

252. Sir Richard Guilford, Knight Banneret.

Or a Saltire between four martlets Sable.

253. Edmund de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk.

254. Sir Thomas Lovell, Knight Banneret.

Argent on a Chevron Azure between three Squirrels, ser∣cint Gules, an annulet difference.

255. Sir Reginald Bray, Knight Banneret.

Argent a Chevron between three Eagles Legs, erased a la quise Sable.

257. Guido Ubaldo, Duke of Urbin.

258. Gerald Fitz Gerald, Earl of Kildare.

259. Henry Stafford, Lord Stafford, after Earl of Wilt∣shire.

Plantagenet Woodstock, a crescent difference, Comme son Frere, No. 249.

260. Richard Grey, Earl of Kent.

Barry of six Argent and Azure, in chief three Torte∣auxes.

261. Sir Rys ap Thomas, Knight Banner • t.

Argent a Chevro • Sable between three cornish Choughs proper.

262. Philip, King of Castile.

Quarterly Castile and Leon, Comme, No. 217.

263. Sir Thomas Brandon, Knight B • nneret.

Barry of ten Argent and Gules, over all a Lyon r • m∣pant Or Crowned per pale of the second and last, a mullet difference.

264. Charles, Archduke of Austria, Prince of Spain, after Emperor of Germany.

Quarterly Castile and Leon, Comme, No. 217.

265. Thomas Darcy, Lord Darcy.

Azure semi of cross Croslets, three cinquefoiles Argent.

266. Edward Sutton, Lord Dudley.

267. Emanuel, King of Portugal.

Comme, No. 218. viz. Portugal debrusing a Calatrava Cross, or a Cross Flower Deluced, within a bordure of Castile.

268. Thomas Howard, Lord Howard, eldest Son to Tho¦mas, Duke of Norfolk, afterwards Earl of Surry, and second Duke of Norfolk.

Gules a bend between six cross Croslets fitchee Argent, a label of three Points Or.

269. Thomas West, Lord La Ware.

Argent a fess dancet Sable.

270. Sir Henry Marney, Kt. after Lord Marney.

Gules a Lyon rampant gardant Argent.

271. George Nevil, Lord Abergaveny.

Guies on a Saltire Argent, a Rose of Lancaster, i. e. Gules.

272. Sir Edward Howard, Kt. second Son to Thomas • Duke of Norfolk, second Duke of that Family.

Gules a bend between six cross Croslets fitchee Argent, a crescent difference Sable.

273. Sir Charles Brandon, after Duke of Suffolk.

Comme son Pere, No. 264. but without difference.

274. Julian de Medices, Brother to Pope Leo X.

Or eight roundles in Orle, that in chief of France, vi •• Azure charged with three Flow • r Deluces Gold, th • other Gules.

275. Edward Stanley, Lord Monteagle, second Son • o t •• Earl of Derby.

Comme son Pere, No. 225. in pretence Gules a Ly •• • ampant Or, for his Wife Vaughan.

276. Thomas Dacres, Lord Dacres of Gilessland.

Gules three escallops Argent.

• 77. Sir William Sandys, after Lord Sandys.

Argen • a Cross ragulee Sable in pretence Bray, hi Wives Arms, viz. Quarterly first and fourt • , Gul • Page 523 three Bars Vair Longville pro Bray second and thi • d, Argent a Chevron between three Eagles Legs.

278. Henry Courtney, Earl of Devonshire.

Quarterly first and fou • th, an Augmentation, viz. France and England within a Border of England and France Quarterly second, Courtney, Comme son Pere, No. 251. third, Rivers, Earl of Devonshire, Or a Lyon rampant Azure.

279. Ferdinand, Prince and Infant of Spain, A • chduke of Austria, after Emperor of Germany.

Quarterly Castile and Leon, ut No. 216. a label of three Points Azure, on the Foot of the first a Crescent Or.

280. Sir Richard Wingfield, Kt.

Argent on a bend Gules cottised Sable, three pair of Wings impailed, of the first an Estoile of sixteen Rays.

281. Sir Thomas Bullen, Kt. after Viscount Rochford, and Earl of Wiltshire and Ormond.

Argent a Chevron Gules between three Bulls-Heads cou∣pee Sable, afterwards his Mother's Arms, Butler of Ormond, Or a chief indented Azure.

282. Walter d'Evereux, Lord Ferrars of Chartley, after Viscount Hereford.

Comme son Beau Pere, No. 205.

283. Arthur Plantaginet, Viscount Lisle.

Qua • terly first, France and England second and third, Ulster, viz. Or a Cross Gules fourth, Mortimer, Earl of March viz, Barry of six Or and Azure, on a chief of the second a pale two Esquens based dex∣ter and sinister Gold, an Escochion Argent, over all a baton sinister Azure.

284. Robert Radcliff, Viscount Fitz Walter, after Earl of Sussex.

Quarterly fi • st and fourth, Argent a bend ingrailed Sa∣ble, Radcliff, second and third, Or a fess between two Chevrons Gules Fitz Walter.

285. William Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundel.

Comme son Pere • No. 209. but without difference.

286. Thomas Mannors, Lord Roos, after Earl of Rut∣land.

Or two Barrs Azure a chief Quarterly, two Flower D • ∣luces of France, and a Lyon of England.

287. Henry Fitz Roy, after Earl of Nottingham, and Duke of Richmond and Somerset.

Page 524 Quarterly France and England, a border Quarterly Er∣mine and compone Argent and Azure a baton sini∣ster of the second.

288. Ralph Nevil, Earl of Westmorland.

289. William Blount. Lord Montjoy.

Barry nebulee of six Or and Sable.

290. Sir William Fitz Williams, Kt. after Earl of South∣ampton.

Losengy Or and Gules a mullet difference.

291. Sir Henry Guilford, Kt.

Comme son Pere, No. 252. with a Canton of Granada, viz. Argent a Pomegranet slipped and leaved all proper.

292. Francis I. the French King.

France, viz. Azure three Flower Deluces Or.

293. John Vere, Earl of Oxford.

294. Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland.

Quarterly first, Percy, Lovain, Or a Lyon rampant Az∣ure second, Quarterly France modern and England a border gobonne third, Lucy Gules three Lucies hau∣riant Argent fourth, Poynings, Barry of six Or and Vert a bend Gules.

295. Anthony Montmorency, Duke of Montmorency.

Or a Cross Gules between sixteen Eagles displaid Azure.

296. Philip Chabo • , Earl of Newblanch.

Quarterly first and fourth, Or three Chabots Chubs or Chevin Fish hauriant Argent second, Argent a Lyon rampant Gules, Crowned Or third, Gules a Sun Argent.

297. James V. King of Scotland.

Scotland, viz. Or a Lyon rampant within a double tressure flory counter flory Gules.

298. Sir Nicholas Carew, Kt.

Or three Lyons passant in pale Sable, with due dif∣rence.

299. Henry Clifford, Earl of Cumberland.

300. Thomas Cromwell, Lord Cromwell, after Earl of Essex.

Azure on a fess between three Lyons rampant Or a r •• e Gules, on either side whereof a Chough proper.

301. John Russell, Lord Russell, after Earl of Bedford.

Argent a Lyon rampant Gules on a chief Sable, three escallops of the first.

303. Sir William Kingston, Kt.

Azu • e a fess between three Leopards faces Or.

304. Thomas Audley, Lord Audley of Walden, and Lord Chancellor of England.

Quarterly per pale indented Or and Azure, in the second and third, an Eagle displaid of the first, on a bend of the second a fret between two martlets Gold.

305. Sir Anthony Browne, Kt.

Sable three Lyons passant in bend double cotised, Argent a Crescent difference.

306. Edward Seymour, Earl of Hertford, after Duke of Somerset.

Quarterly the Augmentation, viz. Or on a Pile Gules between six Flower Deluces Azure, the Lyons of En∣gland second, Seymour, viz. Gules a pair of Wings conjoyned in pale tips downward Or.

307. Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey.

Gules on the middle of a bend between six cross Croslets Argent, the Augmentation, viz. an Escochion Or, therein a demi Lyon within a double Scotch tressure Gules, an Arrow transfixing his Mouth, of th • last a label of three Points Azure.

Quarterly per bend dexter and sinister Azure and Argent, a Saltire Gules.

309. Sir Anthony Wingfield, Kt.

Comme son Frere, No. 281. but without the Estoil.

310. John Sutton, (alias Dudley) Viscount Lisle, after Earl of Warwick, and Duke of Northumberland.

Or two Lyons passant in pale Azure, Somery his mater∣nal Ancestor.

311. William Paulet, Lord St. John of Basing, after Earl of Wilt • hire, and Marquiss of Winchester.

Sable three Swords in pile Point • conjoyned in base Ar∣gent Hilts Or, a Crescent difference.

312. William Parr, Lord Parr of Kendall, after Earl of Essex, and Marquiss of Northampton.

Page 526 Argent two Bars Azure a border ingrailed Sable, vide son Beau Pere, No. 210.

314. Henry Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundel.

315. Sir Anthony St. Leger, Kt.

Azure frette Argent a chief Or

316. Francis Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury.

317. Thomas Wriothesley, Lord Wriothesley, after Earl of Southampton.

Azure a Cross Or between four Falcons Argent.

318. Henry Grey, Marquiss of Dorset, after Duke of Suffolk.

319. Edward Stanley, Earl of Derby.

320. Thomas Seymour, Lord Seymour of Sudley.

Comme son Frere, No. 307. with a Crescent or Mullet difference.

321. Sir William Paget, Kt. after Lord Paget.

Sable on a Cross ingrailed between four Eagles displaid Argent, five Lyons passant of the first.

322. Francis Hastings, Earl of Huntingdon.

323. George Brook, Lord Cobham.

Gules on a Chevron Argent, a Lyon rampant Sable Crowned Or.

324. Thomas West, Lord La Ware.

325. Sir William Herbert, Kt. after Lord Herbert of Car∣diff, and Earl of Pembroke.

Perti per pal • Azure and Gules, three Lyons rampant Argent, a border Gobonee Or, and of the second be∣santed.

326. Henry II. the French King.

327. Edward Clinton, alias Fines, Lord Clinton, after Earl of Lincoln.

Argent six cross Croslets fitchee Sable on a chief Azure, two mullets Or pierced Gules.

328. Thomas Darcy, Lord Darcy of Chiche.

Argent three cinquefoiles Gules.

329. Henry Nevil, Earl of Westmorland.

Or a Lyon rampant quevee fourchee Vert a Crescent diffe∣rence.

331. Philip, Prince of Spain, after King of England, by that Name the second.

Quarterly Castile and Leon, Comme, No. 262.

332. Henry Ratcliff, Earl of Sussex.

Argent a bend ingrailed Sable.

333. Emanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy.

Tierce emanche towards the chief the dexter Westphalia or ancient Saxony, viz. Gules on Horse enraged Argent the same counterturned the sinister Saxony modern, viz barry of eight Or and Sable, over all a chaplet of rue Vert in bend, ente in base Angria, viz. Argent three bou∣teroles Gules.

334. William Howard, Lord Howard of Effingham.

Gules on a bend between six cross Croslets Argent, the Scotch Augmentation, Comme, No. 307. a mullet dif∣ference.

335. Anthony Browne, Viscount Montagu.

336. Sir Edward Hastings, Kt. after Lord Hastings • f Loughborough.

Comme son Fr • re, No. 322. a crescent difference.

337. Thomas Ra • cliff, Earl of Sussex.

338. William Grey, Lord Grey of Wil • on.

Barry of • ix Argent and A • ure, a label of five Points Gules.

339. Si • Ro • ert Rochester.

Checquy Argent and Gules on a sess A •• re, three escal∣lops Or.

340. Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk.

Comme son Pere, No. 308. but without the lab • l, viz • Howard with the Scotch Augmentation in the middle of the b • nd.

341. Henry Manners, Earl of Rutland.

342. Sir Robert Dudley, Kt. after Earl of Leicester.

343. Adolphus, Duke of Holstein.

Norway, viz. Gules a Lyon rampant Argent crowned Or, holding, or supporting with three of his Feet, • danish Battle • x, of the last headed as the second.

344. George Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury.

345. Henry Carey, Lord Hunsdon.

Argent, on a bend Sable three Roses of the Field, a crescent on a crescent difference.

346. Thomas Percy, Earl of Northumberland.

Comme, No. 212. viz. Percy, Lovai • , and Lucy, Quar∣terly.

347. Ambrose Dudley, Earl of Warwick.

Comme son Frere, No. 342. without the crescent distin∣ction.

348. Charles IX. the French King.

349. Francis Russel, Earl of Bedford.

351. Maximilian II. Emperor of Germany.

Or, on the Breast of an imperial E • gle, i. e. double headed and displaid Sable, an Escochion of Hungary and Boh • mi • , viz. barry of eight Argent and Gules im∣pailing Gules, a Lyon rampant Argent crowned Or.

352. Henry Hastings, Earl of Huntingdon.

353. William Somerset, Earl of Worcester.

Or, on a fess France and England, Quarterly and borded gobonee Argent and Azure.

Page 529 54. Francis Montmorency, Duke of Montmorency.

355. Walter d'Evereux, Viscount Hereford, after Earl of Essex.

356. William Cecill, Lord Burghley, after Lord Treasurer of England.

Barry of ten Argent and Azure on six Escocheons Sable, as many Lyons rampant of the first.

357. Arthur Grey, Lord Grey of Wilton.

358. Edmund Bruges, Lord Chandos.

Argent on a Cross Sable, a Leopard's Face Or.

359. Henry Stanley, Earl of Derby.

360. Henry Herbert, Earl of Pembroke.

Comme son Pere, No. 325. omitting the besants.

361. Henry III. the French King.

362. Charles Howard, Lord Howard of Effingham, after Earl of Nottingham.

Comme son Pere, No. 334. viz. Howard, with a mullet difference.

363. Rodolph, Emperor of Germany.

364. Frederick II. King of Denmark.

Denmark, Comme, No. 257. but the Lyms crowned Or.

365. John Casimire, Count Palatine of the Rhine.

Quarterly first and fourth, the Palatinate, viz. Sable a Lyon rampant Or, crowned Gules second and third, losongy bend-wise, Argent and Azure • or Bavaria.

366. Edward Manners, Earl of Rutland.

367. William Brook, Lord Cobham.

368. Henry Scrope, Lord Scrope of Bolton.

369. Robert d'Evereux, Earl of Essex.

370. Thomas Butler, Earl of Ormond and Ossery.

Or a chief indented Azure.

371. Sir Christopher Hatton, Kt. after Lord Chancellor of England.

Azure a Chevron between three garbs Or.

372. Henry Ratcliff, Earl of Sussex.

373. Thomas Sackville, Lord Buckhurst, after Lord Trea∣surer of England, and Earl of Dorse • .

Quarterly Or and Gules a bend vaire.

374. Henry IV. the French King.

375. James VI. King of Scotland, after King of England, France, and Ireland.

376. Gilbert Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury.

377. George Clifford, Earl of Cumberland.

Comme son Beau Pere, No. 299.

378. Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland.

379. Edward Somerset, Earl of Worcester.

380. Thomas Burogh, Lord Burogh.

Azure three Flower Deluces Ermine.

381. Edmond Sheffield, Lord Sheffield, after Earl of Mu • grave.

A • gent a Chevron between three garbs Gules.

382. Sir Francis Knolles, K • .

Azure crusily, a Cross moline voided Or.

383. Frederick, Duke of Wirtenbergh.

Or three Staggs attires placed Bar-ways Sable, id est, Wirtenbergh.

384. Thomas Howard, Lord Howard of Walden, after Earl of Suffolk, and Lord Treasurer of England.

Comme son Pere, No. 340. with a Crescent difference.

385. George Carey, Lord Hunsdon.

386. Charles Blount, Lord Mon • joy, after Earl of D • ∣v • nshire.

Argent a fess between three Crescents Sable.

388. Robert Ratcliff, Earl of Sussex.

389. Henry Brook, Lord Cobham.

390. Thomas Scrope, Lord Scrope of Bolton.

391. William Stanley, Earl of Derby.

392. Thomas Cecil, Lord Burghley, after Earl of Exeter.

393. Henry, Prince of Wales •

Quarterly first and fourth, France and England quar∣tered second, Scotland, viz. Or a L • on rampant within a double tressure counterflory Gules third, Ireland, Azu • e an Harp or String Argent, over all a label of three Points Argent.

394. Christian IV. King of Denmark.

395. Lodowich Stewart, Duke of Lenox, and aft • r Duke of Richmond.

Quarterly first, the Augmentation, viz. France wit • ∣in a border cousu Gules, charged with eight round Buckles Or second, Or a fess checquy, A • gent and Azure, a border ingrailed Gules, for Stewart, over all inp • etence Lenox, viz • Argent a Saltire ingrailed be∣tween four cinquefoils or ros • s Gules.

396. Henry Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton.

Comme son Beau Pere, No. 317.

397. John Erskin, Ea • l of Marr.

Azure a bend between six cross Cr • slets • itch •• Or, his Title of Marr, his proper Coat, Argent a pal • Sable.

398. William Herbert, Ea • l of Pembroke.

Parti per Pale, Azure and Gules, th • ee Lyons rampant Argent.

399. Ultrick, Duke of Holstein.

Norway, Comme, No. 314. but the Lyon crowned Or •

400. Henry Howard, Earl of Northampton.

Comme son Frere, No. 341. a Crescent difference.

401. Robert Cecil, Earl of Sali • bu • y.

Comme son F • ere, No. 392. with a C • escent diffe •• nce.

402. Thomas Howard, Viscount Bindon.

Comme son Frere, No. 268. viz. Howard with a Cres∣c • nt difference, and without the label.

403. George Hinne, Earl of Dunbarr.

VeV • r • a Lyon rampant Argent.

404. Philip Herbert, Earl of Montgomery, after Earl of Pembroke.

Comme son • rer • , No. 398. a Crescent difference.

405. Cha • les Stewart, Duke of York, after Prince of Wales, and King of England, of that Name the fi • st.

Quarterly first and fourth, France and England se∣cond, Scotland third, Ireland Comme son Fre •• , No. 393. on a label of three Points Argent, nine Torteauxes.

406. Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundel, after Earl of Norfolk.

Comme son Beau Pere, No. 340.

407. Robert Carr, Viscount Rochester, after Earl of So∣merset.

Gules on a Chevron Argent, three Mullets Sable in the dexter chief Point, a Lyon of England, Augmen∣tation and difference.

408. Frederick, Count Palatine of the Rhine, Prince Elector of th • Empire, and after King of Bohemia.

Quarterly the Palatinate and Bavaria, Comme, No. 365. in pretence the Augmentation, viz. Gules an Imperial m • und or globe Or.

409. Maurice Van Nassau, Prince of Orange.

Azure billettee a Lyon rampant Or i. e. Nassau.

410. Thomas Ereskine, Viscount Fenton, after Earl • f Kelly.

Q •• rterly first, the Augmentation Gules, an imp • ∣rial Crown within a d • uble Tressure counterst •• y O • second, Erskine, Comme, No. 397. with a Cresce •• diffe • ence.

411. • illiam Knolles, Lord Knolles, after Viscount Wal∣l •• gford, and Earl of Banbury.

412. Francis Manners, Earl of Rutland.

413. Sir George Villiers, Kt. after B • ron of Whaddon, then Earl and Marquiss of Buckingham, and lastly, Earl of Coventry, and Duke of Buckingham.

Argent on a Cross Gules five Es • allops Or, a martlet difference.

414. Robert S • dney, Viscoun • Lis • e, after E • rl of Leicester •

415. James Hamilton, Marquiss Hami • ton, • nd E • rl of Cambridge.

Gules three cinquefoiles pierced Ermine.

416. Esme Stewart, Duke of Lenox, and Earl of March.

417. Christian, Duke of Brunswick.

Gules two Lyons passant gardant in pale Or, which is Brunswick.

418. William Cecill, Earl of Salisbury.

419. James Hay, Earl of Carlis • e.

Argent three Escocheons Gules.

420. Edward Sackvile, Earl of Dorf • t •

Comme son Beau Pere, No. 373.

421. Henry Rich, Earl of Holland.

Gules a Chevron between three Crosses bo •• once Or.

422. Thomas Howard, Viscount Andov • r, aft • r Earl of Barkshire.

Comme son Pere, No. 384. viz. Howard, with a C •• s∣cent on a Crescent difference.

423. Claude de Lorrain, Duke of Chevere •• .

Hungary, viz. Barry of eight Argent and G •• e • his proper Arms being Lorrain, viz. Or on • • end Gules three Alerions [Doves, or as others, • ag • e •• without becq • es,] displaid Argent.

424. Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden.

Sweden, viz. Azure three Crowns Or.

425. Heary Frederick Van Nassau, Prince of Orange.

Nassau, Comme son Frere, No. 409.

426. Theophilus Howard, E • rl of Su •• olk.

427. William Compron, Earl of Northampton.

Sable three Helmets Argent with a Lyon of England Augmentation in fess between them.

428. Richard Weston, Lord Weston, Lord Treasurer of England, and after Earl of Portland.

Or, an Eagle regardant displaid Sable.

429. Robert Bertie, Earl of Lindsey.

Argent three • attering Rams proper armed and garnished Or.

430. William Cecil, Earl of Exeter.

431. James Hamilton, Marquiss of Hamilton, Earl of Cambridge and Arran.

432. Charles Lodowick, Count Palatine of the Rhine, P • ince Elector of the Empire, and Duke of Bavaria.

433. • ames Stewart, Duke of Lenox, and Earl of March, after Duke of Richmond.

434. Henry Danvers, Earl of Danby.

Gules a Chevr • n between three mullets of six Points Or.

435. William Douglas, Earl of Morton.

Quarterly fi • st and fourth, Morton Argent on a chief inde • ted Gules, two mullets of the first second and third, Douglass, Comme, No. 193.

436. Algerno • Per • y, Earl of Northumberland.

437. Charles, Prince of Wales, after King of England, of that Name the second.

438. Thom • s Wentworth, Earl of Strafford.

Sable a Chevren between three Leopards faces Or.

439. James Stewart, Duke of York, after King James, of that Name the second.

Comme s • n Frere, No. 437. viz. the national Arms with a label Ermine.

440. Ru • ert, Count Palatine of the Rhine, and Duke of Ba∣vari • , after Earl of Holderness, and Duke of Cumber∣land, second Son of the King of Bohemia.

Comm • son Frere aisne, No. 432. but without the Augmentation, No. 405. viz. the Palatinate and Bava • ia qua • terly.

441. William Van Nassau, Prince of Orange •

Nassau, Comme son Pere, No. 425.

442. Bernard de Nogaret de F • ix, Duke de Espernon and de Valette.

Quarterly Castile and Leon, Comme, No. 331 • in pretence Nogaret, viz. Or a N • t-tr •• eradicated proper impailing Thoul • se, i. e. Gule • a Cress •• dee voided Or, and pom • lle • as the Points Or, over b •• h C • ats a chief of V • lett • , viz. Gules a Cr ••• potene Argent.

443. Maurice, Count Palatine of the Rhine, and Duke of Bavaria, third Son of the King of Bohemia.

Comme son Frere ai •• e, No. 440.

444. James Butler, Marquiss of Ormond, afte • Earl of Br • cknock, and Duke of Ormond, in Ireland and England.

445. Edw • rd, C • unt Palatine of the Rhine, and Duke of Bavaria, fifth Son of the King of Bohemia.

Comme son Frere aisne, No. 443. viz. the Pal •• in ••• and Bavaria quarterly.

446. George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham.

447. William Hamilton-Dowglass, Duke of Hamilton.

Quarterly f •• st, Hamilton, Comme, No. 415. second, Dowgl • ss, Comme, No. 193.

448. Thomas Wriothesl • y, Earl of Southampton.

449. William Cavendish, Marquiss of N • wcastle, a ••• r Duke of Newcastle.

Sable three H • rts heads caboshed Argent, 〈◊〉 Cres •••• difference.

450. James Craham, M • rquiss of M • ntrose.

Or on a chief S • b •• , t •• ee • scallops of the first.

451. James Stanley, Earl of Darby.

452. Georg • D • gby, Earl of Bristol.

Azure a Flower Deluce Arg • nt, a Cres •• nt diff • rence.

453. Henry Stewart, Duke of Gloucester, third Son to King Charles I.

Quarterly first and fourth, France and England, Quarterly second, Scotland third, Ireland, on a label Argent nine Roses of Lancaster.

454. Henry Charles de la Tremoville, Prince de Tarente.

Arragon, Sicily, viz. parti per Saltire the chief and base Or, four pales Gules for Arragon the second and third, Argent an Eagle displaid Sable for Sicily in pretence, his paternal Arms, viz. Tremoville, Or a Chevron Gules between three Eagles displaid Azure.

455. William Van Nassau, Prince of Orange, after King of England, of that Name the third.

Nassau, Comme son Pere, No. 441.

456. Frederick William, Prince Elector of the Empire, Mar∣quis • of Brandenburgh.

Argent an Eagle displaid Gules, which is Brandenburgh.

457. John Gaspar Ferdinand de Marchin, Count de Gravil.

Quarterly first and fourth, Argent a Fish • auriant Gules second and third, Or two barrs Sable.

458. Sir George Monk, Kt. after Duke of Albermarle.

Gules a Chevron between three Lyons Heads erased Argent.

459. Sir Edward Montague, Kt. after Earl of Sandwich.

Quarterly, Montague and Monthermer, viz. Argent three Losenges in fess Gules, a border Sable and Or, an Eagle displaid Vert, over all a Mullet difference

460. William Seymour, Marquiss of Hertford, after Duke of S • merset.

Comme, No. 306. a Crescent difference.

461. Aubrey de Vere, Earl of Ox • ord.

462. Charles Stewart, Duke of Richmond and Lenox.

463. Montague Bertie, Earl of Lindsey.

464. Edward Montague, Earl of Manchester.

Comme son Cousin, but with a Crescent difference.

46 • . William Wentw • rth, Earl of Strafford.

•• 6. Christierne, • rince of Denmark, after King of Den∣mark.

467. James Scot, Duke of Monmouth and Bucclugh •

The Imperial Arms of King Charles II. a baston sin • ∣ster Argent, In pretence, Scot of Bucclugh, viz. Or on a bend Azure, a Crescent between two Mullets.

468. James Stuart, Duke of Cambridge, Son of James, Duke of York.

Comme son Pere, No. 439. viz. the national Arms, with a label of five Points Ermine.

469. Charles IX. King of Sweden, Goths and Vandalls.

470. John George II. Duke of Saxony, Juliers, Cleves and Monts, and Prince Elector of the Empire.

Quarterly first, Thuringe, viz. a Lyon rampant barry of ten Argent and Gules.

471. Christopher Monk, Duke of Albermarle.

472. John Maitland, Duke of Lauderdale.

Or a Lyon rampant dismembred, Gules within a double tressure counterflo • y Azure.

473. Henry Somerset, Marquiss of Worcester, after Duke of Beaufort.

Quarterly, France and England, a border gobone Argent and Azure.

474. Henry Jermyn, Earl of St. Albans.

Sable a Crescent between two Mullets in pale Argent.

475. William Russell, Earl of Bedford, after Duke of Bedford.

476. Henry Bennet, Earl of Arlington.

Gules between three demi Lyons rampant couped Argent, a b • sant after changed to an imperial mound, serving for both difference and Augmentation.

477. Thomas B •• l • r, Earl of Ossory.

478. Charles F • tz Roy, Earl of Southampton, after Duke 〈◊〉 •• uthampton, and now Duke of Cleveland.

The Imperial Arms of England, a Battune Sinister E mine difference.

479. ••• n, Ea • l of Mulgrave, now Duke of Buckingham.

〈◊〉 a Chevron between three Ga • bs Gules.

480. William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle.

481. Thomas Osborn, Earl of Danby, after Duke of Leeds Quarterly, Ermine and Azure a Cross Or.

482. Henry Fitz Roy, Duke of Grafton.

The Arms of King Charles II. with a Battoon Sinister Gobony Argent and Azure.

483. William, Earl of Salisbury.

Barry of ten Pieces Argent and Azure on six Esco • he∣ons Sinister, as many Lyons rampant of the first, a Crescent difference.

484. Charles, Count Palatine of the Rhine.

485. Charles, Duke of Richmond.

The Arms of King Charles II. within a Bordure Go∣bony Argent and Gules, the Argent charg'd with Roses as the second.

486. George, Prince of Denmark.

487. Charles Seymour, Duke of Somerset, &c.

Quarterly first, an Augmentation, viz. Or on a Pi •• Gules, between six Flower Deluces Azure, three Ly∣ons of England second, the paternal Coat of Se • ∣mour, Gules, two Wings conjoined in Lure Or.

488. George Fitzroy, Duke of Northumberland.

489. Henry Howard, Duke of Norfolk.

490. Henry Mordaunt, Earl of Peterborough.

Argent a Chevron between three Estoils Wavy.

491. Laurence Hyde, Earl of Rochester.

Azure, a Chevron between three Lozenges, a Cresce •• difference.

492. Lou • s de Duras, Earl of Feversham.

Quarterly fi • st and fourth, Gules a Lyon rampant A • ∣gent second and third, Arg • nt a bend Azu • e, with a label of three Points difference.

493. Robert Spencer, Earl of Sunderland.

Quarterly, Argent and Gules, in second a F • et O • , ov •• all a bend Sa • le, charg • d with three eschallops 〈◊〉 the f •• st.

494. James Butler, Duke of Ormond.

Or a chief indented Azure.

495. Frederick Schonbergh, Duke of Schonbergh.

Argent, an Escocheon Sable, over all a Carbuncle of eight Roys Or, a Crescent difference.

496. William Cavendish, Duke of Devonshire, then Earl of Devonshire.

Sable, three Hearts Heads caboshed, Argent.

497. Charles Sackville, Earl of Dorset and Middlesex.

Quarterly, Or and Gules a bend Vaire.

498. Frederick III. Marquiss of Brandenburgh, Prince Elector, and Great Chamberlain of the Holy Roman Em∣pire after King of Prusia.

499. George-William, Duke of Brunswick and Lunenburg-Zell, Prince of the Holy Roman Empire.

500. Charles Talbot, Duke of Shrewsbury.

Gules a Lyon rampant, within a bordure ingrailed Or •

501. Prince William, Duke of Gloucester.

The Arms of England, with a label of three Points Argent, the middlemost charged with the Cross of St. George, and an Escocheon of his paternal Coat of Denmark.

502. John Holles, Duke of Newcastle.

Ermine, two Piles, their Points meeting in base Sable.

503. William Bentinck, Earl of Portland.

Azure, a Cross M • line Argent.

504. Thomas Herbert, Earl of Pembroke and Montgo∣mery.

505. Arnoldjoost Van Keppel, Earl of Albermarle.

Gules, three eschallops Argent.

506 James Dowglass, Duke of Queen • bury and Dover.

Quarterly first and fourth, a Heart Gules, Crown'd with an Imperial Crown Or, on a chief, Azure, three Mulle • s Argent second and third, Azure, a Bend Or, six cross Cr • slets of the same, all within a double T • essu • e Counte •• lory Gules.

507. George-Lewis, Elector of Brunswick-Lunenburgh • &c. the present Sovereign.

508. Wriothe • ley Russel, Duke of Bedford.

509. John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough.

Sable, a Lyon rampant Argent, on a Canton of the se∣cond, St. George's Cross.

510. Meinhardt Schonbergh, Duke of Schonbergh.

510. Sidney Godolphin, Earl of Godolphin.

Gules, an Eagle with two Heads display'd between 3 Fleur • de Lis Argent.

511. George-August, Prince Electoral of Hanover, now Prince of Wales.

512. William Cavendish, Duke of Devonshire.

513. John Campbel, Duke of Argyle.

Girony of eight Pieces, Or and Sable •

514. James Hamilton, Duke of Hamilton and Brandon: Placed here in his Order of Election, but lived not to be installed.

515. Henry Beaufort, Duke of Somerset.

516. Henry de Grey, Duke of Kent.

Barry of six Argent and Azure.

517. John Poulett, Earl Poulett.

Sable, three Swords, their Points in Pile Argent, the Hilts Or.

518. Robert Harley, Earl of Oxford, and Earl Mortimer.

519. Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford.

Sable, a Chevron between three Leopards Heads Or •

520. Charles Mordant, Earl of Peterborough and Mon∣mouth.

521. Charles Poulet, Duke of Bolton.

Sable, three Swords, their Points in pile Argent, their Hilts Or, a Crescent difference.

Sgt. Howard E. Woodford AP-191 - History


SUBJECT: Movement Orders No. 2
TO: Commanding Officer
1381st Engineer Petroleum Distribution Company
APO 689

The 1381st Engineer Petroleum Distribution Company, consisting of 6 Officers and 198 Enlisted Men, is placed on temporary duty at APO 488 (in excess of 30 days), and such other points as are necessary for the accomplishment of the mission assigned to this unit.

The Commanding Officer, 1381st EPD Co, is charged with the responsibility of insuring that all personnel and equipment involved in this movement will be ready for movement on 10 November 1944.

The 1381st EPD Co will proceed o/a 10 NOV 44 from APO 689 to APO 629 the Commanding Officer reporting upon arrival to the CG, Intermediate Section #2, for any further instructions as issued by the Hump Control Officer.

Travel from APO 689 to APO 629 will be performed by rail and/or Govt motor vehicle. Travel from APO 629 to APO 488 will performed by air. PRIORITY: HUMP-22-S0S-10 Nov 44.

In lieu of subsistence, a flat per diem of $6.00 is authorized for Officers and Enlisted Men during the period of Air Travel.

The CO, 1381st EPD Co, is authorized to draw "K" type field rations for 198 men for one (1) day, from the QM, Adv Sec for issue while enroute from APO 689 to APO 629.

The CO, 1381st EPD Co, will prepare a roster by name and serial number, of Officers and Enlisted men of his organization, which will be attached hereto and made a part of this order.

Any T/E, TBA, SLOE, and any Construction Equipment specified, now physically in the possession of the Company, will accompany the unit.

Upon arrival at APO 488 the Commanding Officer will report by radio, giving time of departure and arrival, to the Commanding Officer, Advance Section 1, APO 627 the Division Engineer, Engineer Division 2, APO 689 and to the District Engineer, Engineer District 22, APO 488.

みんなの 日本 語 1 pdf free

約1100の漢字語と字形イラストで「げんき1」「げんき2」の漢字317字の読みと形をカンタン学習。「kanji look and learn」のイラストを使い、わかりやすく覚えやすいカード形式の漢字学習アプリです。 → 学生に配布できるpdfファイルはこちらから みんなの日本語のオリジナルイラスト絵カードを公開。 「みんなの日本語」に準拠したオリジナルイラスト絵カードをフリーでダウンロードできます。また有償のAll in Oneイラスト絵カードは、これだけで「みんなの日本語」を教えることができます。 1~25課 26~50課 2017年4月、サイトをリニューアルしました。 新サイト:日本語教師のN1et 教案ページ 授業のコツ 教案や一覧はみんなの日本語2版対応(情報量は倍以上に)、ブログページの新設など様々な面で改良しました。- みんなの日本語初級Ⅰ 第2版 翻訳・文法解説 インドネシア語版 『みんなの日本語初級Ⅰ第2版本冊』に準拠した翻訳・文法解説書です。『第2版本冊』にあわせ、語彙や翻訳を一部差し替えました。 書籍 かどうか迷っている可能性がある。日本語を学んでいるタイ人の学生はみんな日本 語の敬語を勉強している時、どれをいつ使えばいいのだろうかとよく考え込む。そ こで、本研究では日本語の敬語をよく理解するために、タイ語の敬語と比べながら 「みんなの教材サイト」は、日本語教師のためのユーザー登録制のウェブサイトです。「みんなの教材サイト」では、さまざまな素材やアイディアが、教室活動のアイディア、読解、イラスト、写真、動画、文法解説、教授法・授業のアイディア、授業案のカテゴリーに分類されており、これら . みんなの日本語・初級Ⅰ【文型と語彙リスト】(minna no nihongo vocabulary list PDF) 2018.03.05 2019.01 【日本語の教え方】みんなの日本語・第1課:教案&イラスト(初心者向け! 本当に「使える」日本語教材を提供。日本語教師と日本語学習者のお助けサイト。日本語能力試験対策(JLPT)の文法問題や日本語例文を検索!さらに、みんなの日本語のプリント教材の無料ダウンロードもできます。日本語会話の練習がweb上で可能。日本語を教える人も日本語を学ぶ人も必見です 1.会議室に テーブルが 7つ あります。 2.わたしは 日本に 1年 います。 会話:これ、お願いします 第12課 1.きのうは 雨でした。 2.きのうは 寒かったです。 3.北海道は 九州より 大きいです。 日本語教育のためのイラスト教材. 今まで描いてきたイラスト教材をフリーで公開しまーす。 使えるのがあったら使って . Free絵カード 「みんなの日本語」準拠ですから、語彙の心配もなく、ダウンロードしてすぐ使えます。 実際にレッスンで使いながら修正し制作したものなので、市販の教材よりは多少なりとも使いやすいと思っています。 難民事業本部では、日本で生活する難民定住者(インドシナ難民及び 条約難民並びにそれらの家族、第三国定住難民等)の方々を対象とした 定住支援事業の一環として、日本語学習を支援する事業を行っています。 PrimoPDF(プリモPDF)は、さまざまな WindowsアプリケーションからPDFを作成するフリーソフトウェアです。PrimoPDFを使用することで、Office文書、Webページなどを簡単に高品質なPDFへ変換することが可能です。 PDF-XChange Viewerとは、PDFファイルを閲覧・編集することができるフリーソフトの事です。 今回の記事では、このツールの日本語版のダウンロード・インストール手順と、使い方(テキスト追加や、ページ分割・結合・パスワード設定など)について。 気がきく人/謙譲語「お~します」 (08/30) プネストーリー/写真と音楽でインドを体験! (08/25) 【☆虹色☆日本語教室】人気教材ベスト10♪ (08/12) 敬語インタビューシート/尊敬語 (08/12) みんなで探そう!ユニバーサル社会1日体験すごろく (07/31) みんなの日本語第1課〜50課までの教案のまとめページです。読みたい教案を選んでクリックしてください。また、ページ下にはみんなの日本語の単語一覧も品詞別に紹介しています。 1.N1はN2です 2.N1はN2じゃありません。 3.N1はN2ですか。 4.Nも 5.N1のN2 6.~さん *絵カードも「みんなの日本語初級Ⅰイラスト」の該当課にアップしました(2017年5月)* ★B-1、2. N1はN2です 有名人のPCをカラーなどで使うと、少し盛り上がれる。 アメリカの大統領、オリンピックで知名度 . みん日 1 版.

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