13th century buildings discovered in Cannington Court, UK

13th century buildings discovered in Cannington Court, UK

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Cannington Court, a 12th century building in the South of England, it is in these object of restoration tasks. With this, carried out by the electricity company EDF Energy in collaboration with Bridgwater College, they want to turn the complex into a training center for British workers.

It was during these works that they discovered remains of a priory, whose presence was already predicted by archaeologists. Remains of small buildings around the priory have also been discovered.

Built in 1138It was not until the following century that it became a priory. Since then it has had various uses, as a monastery for nuns, a family residence and a school. The workers had previously discovered remains of pottery, water pipes and a millstone.

Building not open to the general public, but organized visits are allowed. 140 residents of Cannington and other nearby towns recently had the opportunity to see the uncovered buildings.

At immediate future, remains the meticulous task of cleaning, identifying and interpreting the remains and buildings found. Removable remains will be taken to the Somerset Museum.

They will have to hurry as the training center is expected to be open before the end of the year. Marc Coltelli, director of the restoration project for EDF Energy, says the company is excited about “respect the history of Cannington Court as well as give the building new life and purpose”. According to him, it is important to share with the British both the past of the building (in reference to the discoveries) and the future (in reference to the training center).

To respect the historical value of the building, traditional tasks and materials have been used in the restoration work. It was necessary to repair masonry, windows and roof, as well as install new lighting.

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