Ancient treasure unearthed in Israel

Ancient treasure unearthed in Israel

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A clay jug containing silver earrings and several ingots It has been found by archaeologist Robert Mullins in the city of Abel Beth Maccah, in Israel. "The jug and its contents appear to be from the Bronze Age or the First Iron Age, in the 12th century BC, the time of the Exodus and the journey through the desert described in the Hebrew Scriptures”.

About where they found the treasure «We found it in a small jug leaning against a wall, apparently on a dirt floor«Said researchers Robert Mullins, Nava Panitz-Cohen and Ruhama Bonfil. «It does not appear to have been deliberately hidden in a niche or any other type of hiding place«.

For Mullins the discovery is of great relevance since it confirms the belief of various archaeologists and historians, and his own, that the city of Abel Beth Maccah is of great historical importance. The site was identified as Abel Beth Maccah in the 19th century, based on its location and various historical sources, however, hardly any excavations have been carried out so far.

Now the why the treasure was not recovered and in principle not even hidden is a mystery. “Perhaps the family had to leave suddenly and hoped to return to retrieve the jug and its contents, but they were unable to do so.”.

The jug and its treasure are from a time long before the invention of minted coins so they deduce that the silver bullion served as a bargaining chip. They also argue that the earrings could belong to both a woman and a man, since it is known through burials and ancient iconography that men also wore jewelry.

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