6,000-year-old wine found in Macedonia

6,000-year-old wine found in Macedonia

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At the prehistoric site of Dikili Tash, a6,000 year old wine, the oldest in Europe. It dates back to 4,200 BC, so it provides data on the Neolithic lifestyle.

Dikili tash is located southeast of Drama, eastern macedonia, in Greece. It is located two kilometers from the ruins of the ancient city of Philippi and in the limits of the city of Krinides.

The archaeologists of the 17 Delegation of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities and Dimitra Malamidou, co-director of the excavations in the Dikili Tash site, reported that the excavations took place in the site called House 1, where containers with a large amount of charred and crushed grapes were found, which "try grape juice extraction"Said the expert.

Until now we knew that people drank wine in the Bronze Age (from the 12th century BC) but now we have learned that the process of making wine was known much earlier, from 4,200 BC.”Malamidou commented.

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