O Facho's cleaning campaign begins

O Facho's cleaning campaign begins

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Experts from the University of Frankfurt will clear the site of the Costa da Vela, in Cangas on the occasion of a Cleaning campaign.

These paleogeography works in the O Hío area, they will be used to study the evolution of the ancient coastline in the last 2,000 years, according to archaeologist José Suárez Otero. The site is very important in the Atlantic-coastal area of ​​Europe and will provide data on the Berobreo sanctuary. This territory served in the Iron age, in the 2nd centuries BC. and I A.D. as a fortified site, and in Roman times it was used as a sanctuary of the god las, Berobreo.

According to the expert, repeat cleaning tasks from last year to avoid abandoning the place, motivated by political disinterest and the unfavorable economic situation. That is why a new campaign will be held to clean up the area and organize tourist activities. Three aras will also be reproduced and the excavation will be fenced off.

Suárez intends to carry out a series of archaeological works once the tasks scheduled for this year are finished. In the first place, restoring the buildings in depth, of which more than 50 have already been excavated. Later on they will proceed to the excavation of some elements. These works are oriented to obtain benefits with interested visitors.

Regarding funding, it is noteworthy that the investigations will receive the support of the Xunta, the Diputación de Pontevedra and the Concello de Cangas, as well as private equity and machinery of the company Andreas Stihl, through the Association of Friends of the German Archaeological Institute. This collaboration allows the city council and the council to dispense with the payment of the machinery corresponding to the excavation work.

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