6th century gold statuette found in Denmark

6th century gold statuette found in Denmark

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During the last few years a place on the Danish island of Bornholm has produced surprising finds, the most recent being a gold statuette in which a naked woman was represented.

The figure has an altitude of 4.2 centimeters, a weight of 3 grams and a multitude of details. With a long slim body it may have been made from a fine bar of gold. Its head is elongated highlighting in it a protruding jaw and scant mane. Their arms are long and they maintain a thumbs-in position.

A belt decorated with zigzag lines stands out on her belly and leaves a clear visibility of her private parts between her long and thin legs. The woman appears to be on tiptoe on your toes or perform an athletic jump due to your stretched insteps. On his back there are a series of lumps that could well represent his spine, something that had not been seen until now in any other figure.

Others had already been found on the island four human figures made of gold. In these first four they all seem to belong to the male sex while the fifth and last one is known with certainty that it represents a female. The first statuette was found in the spring of 2009 and the next three in 2012. Probably the five figures date from the 6th century AD.C.

An excavation on the island would provide a lot of data of great importance, so this is now the primary objective of the archaeologists of the place.

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