New research disproves previous theories about modern humans

New research disproves previous theories about modern humans

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A professor at the University of Huddersfield has provided answers to two unknowns that have so far arisen, on the one hand, when modern humans arrived in Asia and, on the other, by what route they did. Professor Martin Richards contradicts a recent theory that there is no evidence that modern humans will be found in Asia before the great eruption of the Mount Toba volcano in Sumatra occurred.

In 2005 Professor Richards led research that relied on mitochondrial DNA testing to show that our ancestors scattered across Africa through a tour called “south coast routeAcross Arabia, 60,000 years ago before the Toba eruption. However, later, the discovery of a set of stone tools underneath a layer of ash in India led to the assertion that modern humans were present before the eruption.

Now Professor Richards, along with Paul Mellars and Dr Martin Carr, published the rebuttal on the above theory. Their rebuttal is justified because in 2005 they did not have the evidence from India regarding mitochondrial sequences and now thanks to the databases there are about 1,000 sequences.

Studying the DNA of current populations And looking back the team has finally been able to make more accurate estimates of the arrival of modern humans in India 60,000 years ago.

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