A team of archaeologists returns to Smith Island

A team of archaeologists returns to Smith Island

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A group of archaeologists will return this summer to Smith Island hoping to find clues about the first three permanent residents to live in Bermuda, as well as those of Africans and Native Americans.

Led by Dr. Michael Jarvis, a team of archaeologists have been working on the island since 2010, who think they may have found the exact place where the "Three Kings of BermudaChristopher Carter, Edward Waters and Edward Chard, Between 1610 and 1612.

The members of the “Sea Venture"Were shipwrecked in Bermuda and remained there under the reign of the"Three Kings”Until 1612, the year in which with the arrival of Richard Moore and a group of 60 settlers, the reign came to an end.

Thanks to a call for volunteers by the National Trust Bermuda, this summer will have the support of 15 more people, ranging from the youngest to retired couples. Which highlights an important aspect of archeology, that of involving the public, which in this way promotes awareness of heritage care.

Hopefully they will meet evidence of enslaved americans, black slaves, the three English sailors and the unknown individuals who were forced to remain in the center of the island due to illness.

«Can't wait to get started!»Exclaimed the Dr. Jarvis who has also expressed that historians are lucky that preservation efforts are prudent and that the Government's National Park system has saved the island from development. Dr. Jarvis is the author of the award-winning work "In the eye of trade”, The first book that tells how the black and white sailors of Bermuda open a new chapter in the maritime history of the Atlantic.

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