They discover the trick of Chinese divination

They discover the trick of Chinese divination

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A team of archaeologists has discovered the trick of divination in China. Rituals of this type have been used for many years by the Chinese to make a large number of decisions ranging from politics to the interpretation of their dreams.

In these divination techniques, the shells of turtles and cattle bones were burned in which after this act the cracks that were produced in them were interpreted. As well, the appearance of cracks can be controlled, as explained by Hou Yanfeng, an archeology researcher under the Henan Provincial Administration of Cultural Heritage.

Considering the emperor as the leader of the diviners, he could control public opinion during the Shang dynasty by means of this controlled technique.

After research on 185 oracle bones and shells, specialists have obtained the way these fragments were used in the late Shang period. Experts from the US, France and Spain have agreed with the experiments.

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