They find a pillar from the time of the First Temple

They find a pillar from the time of the First Temple

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Despite the intent to keep it a secret, a potentially biblical temple near Bethlehem is gaining increasing attention due to the remains of a important carved pillar.

The pillar was found in February while on a tourist route through an underground tunnel in the West Bank, near Jerusalem. Buried underground and rubble, the pillar indicated the presence of a monumental building corresponding to the Times of the First Temple of Jerusalem, 9th and 8th centuries BC.

Binyamin Tropper, tour guide who found it, informed antiquities officials who surprisingly replied with the intention of Keep it a secret. Tropper, not satisfied with the treatment received, addressed the Hebrew press who in several reports have related the existence of the find although keeping its location a secret to avoid antique thieves.

At the beginning of May a group of Israeli archaeologists went to inspect the area and they are the ones who have found that there is no doubt that it is one of the first buildings from the time of the First Temple. One of the details that support such a claim is found in the capital of the proto-aeolian type column from about 2800 years ago.

The spine It is located at the entrance of a water tunnel, which corresponds to another great project in the times of the First Temple, which could have been carried out by the biblical king Hezekiah, proceeding in this way to channel water in the city before that the Assyrian siege originated in the 8th century BC In turn, the presence of this tunnel indicates that it could be close a palace.

The intention to deny its existence is probably due to the Palestinians trying to annul Jewish history because for them it is a threat of political control, which causes many of the findings to be thrown into oblivion.

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