They find a Roman circus in Antequera

They find a Roman circus in Antequera

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After conducting research on epigraphic descriptions found in the Antequera ruins, the team of archaeologists in charge of their study has found a circus in the Roman city of Singilia Barba.

The circus remains are near a Roman theater located 15 meters underground on whose surface only a third of what according to geological studies could have had a capacity of 2,200 people in an area of ​​more than 52 meters can be seen. To know for sure more information about the circus, new studies will have to be carried out on the remains found. The circus can stretch for 550 meters.

Besides the circus and theater, in the city there is a necropolis and the remains of an aqueduct. But, despite having recovered many of the important pieces, due to lack of financing, the place is not properly guarded and is being the victim of constant looting.

Manuel Romero, municipal archaeologist, explains that the city occupies a million square meters of which only 15 have been discovered. After the excavations carried out during the 90s, much of the land was acquired by the Junta but a large area still remains in private hands that are not receiving any care.

Image: Junta de Andalucía

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