II Bunker Conference of "El Capricho" on May 26

II Bunker Conference of

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On February 5, the opening to the public of the Bunker "El Capricho" for the celebration of their II conference that will take place on Sunday, May 16 from 11:00 a.m. a few steps from the fortification and bomb shelter built in the historic garden of "El Capricho".

The conference will take place at Auditorium of the Municipal School of Music of "El Capricho" (C / Joaquín Ibarra, 28, El Capricho metro), in what was formerly the House of Trades linked to the Palace of the Dukes of Osasuna, where historical and architectural events will be made known through graphic and documentary material of the refuge, which is framed in the time of the Spanish Civil War and is also known by the code name of " Jaca position ”.

The conference will be given by the doctor in architecture and author of a doctoral thesis on this garden Mª Isabel Pérez Hernández, and by the president of the Study Group of the Madrid Front (GEFREMA), Antonio Morcillo Lopez, who directs the association specialized in the civil war in the Community of Madrid.

These specialists will use testimonies, photographs of the garden during the war, an analysis of the facilities built on its surface from 37 on and of course, the architectural and war engineering aspects of the bunker, more commonly called "General Miaja's Bunker”, To shed light on the little known history of the Garden and Madrid.

Although the Plenary of the Municipal Board of Barajas unanimously agreed to make a museum of the underground fortification, there is still no date for its opening to the public, although it always we can attend these II conferences that are going to be celebrated this Sunday.

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