Deterioration of a 16th century mosaic in Nava de la Asunción

Deterioration of a 16th century mosaic in Nava de la Asunción

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The PSOE of Nava of the Assumption denounces the mayor of the municipality, Luciano Municio, for deterioration of an archaeological find that, according to the PSOE, the municipal official knew well before its deterioration due to the tillage of those lands: “We denounce Luciano for his carelessness and for not having taken appropriate protective measures”.

The mayor examined with the municipal archaeologist last year the ancient mosaic found in the Matabueyes area, in Nava de Asunción, which at that time was still in good condition. According to the PSOE “The law establishes the obligation of the mayor to take urgent measures, informing the owners of the land so that they will not work said farm. By not communicating them, the owner plowed those lands, deteriorating the remains”.

In this situation, The archeologist made it known to the territorial delegate, who ruled “stop the plowing activity on the plot, transferring the matter to the prosecutor, just in case the archaeologist and mayor had to respond criminally”, Concludes the PSOE, also announcing that the mosaic could be a 16th century villa.

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