Roman farmhouse found in UK

Roman farmhouse found in UK

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An archaeological dig in what will become Haverhill Research Park has revealed trace of activity from the Iron Age to 1840. During the excavation that covered 4.5 hectares, several pieces of jewelry and a large Anglo-Saxon hall were found

Headland Archeology has confirmed that the excavation has provided “a really interesting window into the history of Haverhill”. The research park is being built on A1307, the main road to Cambridge from Haverhill, which will also include a hotel and several homes.

James Newboult, manager of the archaeological project, has stated that the findings would be analyzed and recorded to preserve the history of the place, which is revealed very extensive thanks to these discoveries. Also that "There has been no archaeological activity in recent years at Haverhill, but that this Roman farm, dating from the 1st or 2nd century, really adds value to the place”.

Finally, Newboult has highlighted the land division structure that predominates in the place: “It is made of a series of enclosures. Where today we use fences or bricks to define our areas, they used ditches and steep slopes. This is what we call enclosure in parcels. If people had lived there, they could have raised animals and cultivated their crops”.

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