Cave paintings found in Turkey

Cave paintings found in Turkey

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In the Turkish province of Aydin a series of cave paintings from about 7,500 years agoAs a consequence, they belong to the late Neolithic and early Chalcolithic. The paintings were discovered thanks to the works carried out by Namik Kemal University which were led by archeology professor Neşe Atik.

These representations, in the region known as Latmos, open a door to the daily life of the Stone Age.
These paintings are historically located at the same stage as others discovered at Besparmak. Most were hand-shaped and made of reddish pigments.

They were found in a stone shelter But, during the cleaning of the place, no evidence was found of having been a place of coexistence, but rather a place where ceremonies such as weddings were held.

Because these paintings are of great importance to the world cultural heritage, the works have been started by the Provincial Directorate of Culture Aydın for its conservation.

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