They discover a castle from the time of David in Jerusalem

They discover a castle from the time of David in Jerusalem

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Descending through a cave in the southern area of ​​Jerusalem has found a royal castle belonging to the time of David, which for unknown reasons the Israeli authorities tried to keep hidden.

It dates back to the biblical era as confirmed by Yaron Rosental, Director of the Field School. So far 30 capitals like these have been found in Israel, of which only five are found in the areas where biblical kings lived. Unlike the other capitals, this one is not separated from the column, but attached to it, and together they weigh about five tons.

For reasons that are not entirely clear, the Israeli authorities have decided keep the find secret, which may mark a breakthrough on what we know today of King David, his son Solomon, and the entire kingdom of Judea.

Apparently the capital indicates that a temple might be buried underneathHowever, no further progress has been made since when Rosental found him and contacted the Israeli authorities, the reply he received was “Yaron, you found it and are aware of it, but now forget about everything and keep your mouth shut” .

Rosental has explained that no excavation has been done since then and that no action has been taken to protect the find. An entire castle and even an entire neighborhood could be discovered at the site. The inhabitants who later settled in the place were unaware of its existence and as a result their stones have not been used in new buildings, as is the case in most cases.

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