2,000-year-old mirror workshop found in China

2,000-year-old mirror workshop found in China

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In East China's Shandong Province, archaeologists have found a Bronze mirror workshop dating back 2,000 years old.

In a town near the city of Zibo, 100 stone molds and casting pits have been found, making this discovery unique in China. The workshop is thought to have been active in the early Han dynasty, between 202 BC. and 220 AD, when mirrors gradually became decorative objects in homes. The objects are largely made of bronze, providing a reflection thanks to the metal.

According to Bai Yunxiang, deputy director of the Institute of Archeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the objects represent a fashion based on mirrors which took place in China which includes molds in the form of a dragon, used as decoration at the beginning of the time, and in the form of grass, very popular in the early Han dynasty.

It is thought that the workshop is part of an industrial site, located in the ancient city of Linzi, and which had its beginnings during the Eastern Zhou dynasty (770 BC - 221 BC).


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